Howdy guys. Name's Kirby. I do TF2 and voice work and am an amature skinner.

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I may be takin' some college classes down at the community college where i live, I may be at a desk job some time soon making 20 bucks an hour, i may be taking a course at a gym, i may be doing all these things

and yet, in my mind, i'm not being productive.

Trust me, if you knew me, you would never see me sit still during any of this. I would get distracted easily and give up halfway through.

But today, i realized something.

I focus my best when I'm doing things relevant to graphics and pictures. Hell, even ask Vader, he will tell you that the only way for you to get me to sit still is if I am creating something or playing video games. But mostly working.

I find that if I'm making something and I legitimately care about it, I'll work on it until that sucker is DONE.

Why do you think I enjoy making music? Or making Skins, or making board game tiles, or coloring art? Or doing anything but sitting still and watching and waiting?

Heck, I'm fidgeting just sitting and writing this. Adjusting my feet or legs or laptop or something.

You just can't sit me still unless I'm working on something.


Anyone got any work they need done? graphics for a game, music, anything?

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