Sam starting modding with the Unreal engine in 2006 and his first project was a mod for 'Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45' called 'Mare Nostrum'. Joining the team as a level designer he quickly found his way into the role as lead producer for the mod and became the public face of the development team. 'Mare Nostrum' subsequently became the first ever non-source engine mod to be released over Steam. Sam is now the resident project manager/producer for Undrawn Reality, which is really just a fancy way of saying he doesn’t do anything and basks in the glory achieved by the hard work of others! Often found drawing fancy diagrams or making lists, or even tables of lists, he also likes to get involved with design work when allowed. Sam already has a project released on Steam and is now keen to see the day when Undrawn Reality release the sure-fire smash hit Llamas of War. It seems that the experience has gone to his head a little bit…

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Well I had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and now its back down to work for me. I had an extended break from Mare Nostrum and as I have to do a lot of day to day work on it I needed a break.

Well I have committed myself to at least one more patch and so now we are working towards 1.4. I have brought a few new people from the custom MN map scene on board in order to polish their maps and colaborate with the dev team. Hopefully we can get a fair few new or improved map for this release. Our new official maps should include;

  • Gazala
  • Sidi Rezegh
  • Marika Village
  • Crete
  • Road To Tunis

I myself am working towards my next map based on the Axis landings on the island of Crete. Specifically the area surrounding Maleme airfield. The EA team have been working hard to provide me some great static meshes, including;

  • Chapel
  • German Gliders
  • Drop Canisters
  • Bofors AA Gun
  • Olive Trees

I added some screenshots to my gallery, still pretty early on in development but they show the Olive trees in a nice tranquil setting. This might be the most beautiful map in MN when finished if I can do it right.

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