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1: You can select rebel global upgrades by selecting them as you would a group of units (Where purchased, cannot move).
2: (R3ven, I think you did this on purpose) My Demo trucks don't seem to be able to plant bombs on enemy, well anything, only the ground.
3: Weird Death Animation glitch.
4: Rebel Yell! can be used on vehicles.
5: Jackhammer seems to be weaker then other super weapons.
6: FoW rolls into an area the Jackhammer fired in before the weapon is finished (Contrary to other Sws)
7: Sensory Depreviantion is considered a super weapon.
8: Mastiffs can crush vehicles.
9: It appears after that happens, the Mastiff can no longer fire.
10: PAWI truck for Superweapon isn't spawned exactly where you want it.
11: Pions do NOTHING.
12: Blitzkrieg can be used on infantry.
13: Graphics don't appear for spacefold.
14: Longbow Mk2s don't have vet icons, but still get heroic upgrades (awesome unit by the way)
15: Bounding Box Issue has STILL not been fixed on the Atlas.
16: GPS Lock, Wireguided Missile Strike, and Double Agent are available immediately.
17: The $100 Foxhole can be sold for $250.
18: No stealth indicators for the Vehicle Warehouse and Service Pad
19: The American Flag on the tent barracks disappears after its built
20: The ambulance's stealth makes it practically invisible.
21: The rebel barracks can not disguise itself as other structures.
22: Razor missiles can only be fired on water targets, and when they are fired, bombs land a few inches away from the target.
23: Omni-Landers don't show what they are carrying
24: The rally point for the rebel refinery is slightly off to the side
25: Tracks that rebel ore collectors leave are slightly off
26: Rebel engineers can't recharge an RC car's batteries Batteries have been removed
27: The Rebel Powerplant's sell animation is bugged.
28: Allied Spies disappear after being told to disguise themselves, they are also still able to use their special ability!
29: Cardinals tend to shrink in size after transporting a dog.
30: Mines placed by the Minelayer don't damage enemies.
31: Shooting animations will continue after your unit dies, provided your force firing it.
32: Sparrows remain stealthed after using radar pulse.
33: Spies seem to not lose their disguise after using a special ability
34: Minedrop and Wireguided Strike both have no protocol flare revealing the location of activation.
35: Mines can be cleared using spiral technology from Dusters, Vacum Imploder Missiles, and Claymore drones.
36: Assault Strikers loaded with Javalin Troopers don't seem to fire. Needs Further Testing...
37: Visible mines are auto targetted by units on agressive stance. Needs Further Testing....
38: Rebel Yell! does not negate cover.
39: The Ranger's seismic scanner mines can be selected.
40: Despite their description on the wiki, Longbow Mk1s cannot hide in a PAWI field.
41: Mortar Infanry cannot degarison buildings, as the the wiki states they can.
42: Lees can't attack at max range.
43: Heroic Twinblades lose their fancy black smoke missile trails, I assume this to be true with other factions aswell.
44: The Beagle secondary speeds up all rebel vehicles.
45: The Beagle secondary also clears protocol mines.
46: Jammer Trucks have no effect on aircraft (Twinblades at least)
More Bugs to come!

Note: PLEASE don't post bugs in the comments section. Only the forum on the Paradox Moddb page. I check it reguarly.


I think that the ring surrounding infantry is the cover

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Protroid Author

THAT is most likely right and I will fix that.

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33 isn't a bug, that is completely intended.

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Protroid Author

Thanks, but I thought it was supposed to, that is what the wiki said anyway.

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Wait a minute, what? They should unstealth after pulsing.

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Huh? Nobody told me this.

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Eh, I could go with 18 staying in.

Oh yeah and protroid have you used the jack hammer on water yet? It's alot more powerful there. Though I do agree it needs a buff.

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None of the protocols require an MCV, Sketch wasn't aware I could do that either :P

So like, thanks for noticing.

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Protroid Author

Well then, I'll edit that. I must have missed the memo. I'll get to listing the ones that do.

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Oh no, it's gonna happen. I just didn't know it was supposed, and OSB didn't know it could.

So leave it here so that we remember :P

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