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Before I begin anything, I'd like to say that this post is regarding Synergy's removal from ModDB. Like many of you, I was surprised when I learned that Synergy had died. It was very interesting to me (mostly because of the mindcontrol that had been implemented), and I personally was eager to play it when it was released. What I do not understand, is the fans incapability to accept the words Synergy is dead.

As Sighnapse and R3ven said, they stopped working on this mod as they felt that they were turning out, well shit. To quote Sighnapse is a blog post of his own:

Sighnapse wrote: Neither of us were still satisfied by the quality of our work, as easy as it is to just accept the praise of fans I have to face the fact that I am far from happy with the quality of Synergy assets. It is definitely an improvement over our original stuff but it's still not my best.

Now then. You can say whatever the hell you want, that wont change how they view this matter. Going back to what I personally think, the models were good, but I do not model. You can show me a house made out of a cube and a triangle made in blender or 3DS Max, and I would still be impressed. I understand your confusion, but if the developers hate what they do, why should they continue to work, especially if those developers are modders? Who recieve no pay, devote large portions of their time to the mod, and look to amaze their fans.

A lot of people, almost everyone as a matter of fact, wants to see Yuri back. Lets say this was a mod with nothing to do with Yuri, and added some group of psychics. Would as many people care? My personal thought is no. Do you not admit the possibility that 60% of why your upset is because Yuri is not going to be in Red Alert 3 yet? Its nothing to worry about. Although I cannot share your nostalgia due to my age, and my first C&C being Generals, I still feel that other mods, such as Paradox, Unleased, and Frontline are just as great.

Now, as a member of the Paradox dev team, allow me to say this to anyone who hasn't gotten this through their skulls. Yuri will never be added to Red Alert 3: Paradox. To explain, Sketch himself has said that Yuri has no place in Paradox. Our lore just doesn't fit him anywhere. To be quite honest, he did not even exist in Paradox the same way he did in Red Alert 2. Yuri is dead as of July 4th 1969 (where the storyline begins). If you do not believe me, read Psychics in Paradox under General Setting details on our wiki (which I will post below). For those of you that want to read it here first: Yuri was around at one point, but Cherdenko had him killed.

That concludes my own words. Please, respect the descisions of Sisghnapse and R3ven, and look forward to other fantastic mods that are in development!

Paradox General Setting Details:


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