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In recent days, I have found myself aspired to re-continue projects that went nowhere. A spark of energy has awoken in me, inspired by the desire to Create, and to be productive. With a better understanding of things, and with friends to support myself and each other, I feel the need to go out and be creative and let my inner self loose.

The first project will be some mapping: namely, my incomplete Narcosynthesis which was based on some screen-shots from the original version of Team Fortress 2 (then titled Valve's Team Fortress). It will be a desert-based map, in which two teams- red, who is based in a village; and blue, who is based in a coal mine just across a bridge from the village- battle to capture each other's flags. Secondly, the next map, which may or may not come into fruition, dependent entirely upon whether or not my friend blueprints the map, will be titled Bronson Beach, which may or may not be, to some degree or another, entirely my own creation, and may be a task undertaken by my friends Gman and Joebama. Time will unfold, and determine for me if I shall take part in accomplishing the dreams of a friend.

Third in line, which, again, is dependent upon the above-mentioned friend's cooperation, will be a podcast of sorts. An official theme, or, at the very least, a basic idea of what to discuss, has not been officially formulated yet, but it should be considered that a lack of a specific topic (ie; a podcast about health foods, or Half Life modding, or politics, etcetera) may very well be the centerpiece of the podcast, with such a broad range of topics giving it its own spice, if you will.

Fourthly, and lastly, will be a map inspired loosely by Grand Theft Auto for Half Life (and/or one of its many mods, in particular, my eyes are on TFC for this one) in which vehicles can be hijacked, driven about, and parked at will in a large urban/suburban-themed map. Think Mecklenburg with those scooters from that one map for Counter-Strike (in the desert, where I believe there was also a large tank you could move around freely, unlike the tram cars from subtransit or the pickup trucks from axl_suburb_b5, which follow a fixed path). One way I intend to accomplish this is to decompile Axl Suburb, and find a way to make freely-moving vehicles in a map.

All in all, I have a lot of set goals for myself, all fairly realistic. All I need to do is to put them in motion, which is entirely based upon my shoulders. Anyone wanna help?

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