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The truck drove on, a bright light blinding Clark as they entered the maw. Sound seemed to be warped as Zod said something – sounding as if he were miles away. Clark was led out of the car by Zod, the walls seeming to shine like diamonds.

Zod muttered something in annoyance as Clark's tripped over himself. Clark put a hand on the wall, trying to balance himself, but then felt as if the wall tried to rip away his hand.

“What the hell is this?” Clark yelled, his senses beginning to return.

“A solitude cell. It's like a jail cell, except it plays hell with your biology. Most recruits to the Kryptonian military were required to have to endure a couple of hours in one every so often. You've been so busy playing human that you've never really felt something that could hurt you. We need to fix that if you have any intention of living, kid,” Zod said.

“Kryptonian?” Clark asked, spitting a little blood out. He stared at his bloody spit in astonishment as Zod began to explain.

“You are a son of Krypton. It used to be one of the most powerful worlds in the universe, but we were betrayed. Your father lead the effort to try and save our home but he and his followers failed. When the chips came down, touch choices had to be made, and we – the survivors – separated and would stay hidden.”

“Are there more of us? Here on earth?” Clark asked.

“I'm afraid not. I've been waiting for some sort of signal from another one of the escape pods but it seems you and I were sent far from the others. That or...” Zod was silent, not wanting to finish the sentence.

“We're on our own then... okay, that answers a few questions, but there's something I still can't put together. You died. Everyone knew it. How are you still alive?” Clark asked, reaching into his pocket for his father's glasses. He experimentally put them on and found the brightness went down somewhat.

“I had to vanish. I'd let myself get pretty out of shape just to look like I was aging at normal human rate, but I got into a fight with a few punks trying to set fire to my porch. Only one of them got away, that Jordan kid.

Fact was that while the kid might have just sounded crazy if both of his friends hadn't gotten beaten up. I hadn't been in a good mood that night. So, I figured if I faked my own death then I wouldn't blow my cover. Then they'd just think 'okay, so the old man was on his way out and lost it' After that, I just kept watch on you from afar until you would be old enough to handle the dose of reality I had to force down your throat,” Zod said.

Clark was silent for a minute, then asked, “Zod, how old are you?”

Zod grimaced, “One-fifty. I've easily got another thirty-five years left in me before I really kick it.”

Clark paused yet again, thinking for a minute.

“So this cell... how did it get here?” Clark asked.

“I built it. You see, this rock Kent-” Clark glared at Zod and Zod sighed, “your 'father' found isn't just a rock. It's Kryptonite. It can bring a Kryptonian to his knees if you can harness its power. This shard was one that they used to make my cell. With some of the tech from my pod I was able to make it grow into a cell. But then I lost the Kryptonite a few years back – I don't know how – and it seems your 'dad' found it. Now that I've got it back...” Zod grinned.

“What?” Clark asked, but he had an idea in his mind what the answer would be.

“Now we're going to make you be able to fight like a Kryptonian. You've had it easy, just some high school bullies and a couple drunks. When we're done, you'll be the strongest man on the planet,” Zod said.

Clark put away the glasses, saying “If I agree to this, then you have to answer me fully on one more question.”

“That's fair. What is it?” Zod asked.

“What happened to my father,” Clark asked.

“Lois! Why the hell aren't you banging on Luthor's gates?” Perry White yelled as Lois ran past, Harley struggling to keep up.

“Something isn't right Perry,” Lois responded, grabbing her contact numbers and flipping through them rapidly.

“That's for sure! Luthor just beat the world's first fricking goshdamn alien! It's the story of the century and you were there!” Perry exclaimed.

Lois stopped at the number she was looking for and ripped it off of the holder. She stuffed it in her pocket and turned to her editor with an eye of determination.

“Perry, have I led you wrong before?” Lois asked.

“I'm going to have to say yes because you aren't out there now following the biggest story we've ever gotten the chance at! I won't have those fu-” Perry stopped, muttering to himself. His wife had been insisting he stop cursing, it just made him angrier. “-frickers at Morgan Edge.”

“Listen for a second and I'll tell you what I've got!” Lois yelled.

“Alright, tell me Lois, tell me before I find one of my best reporters, who I've already stuck out my neck for far too often, has gone batshit insane!” Perry ordered.

“That giant tank Luthor was using had Wayne Corp. logos on some of the pieces. Luthor never buys from other companies unless he's in a rush and I don't see Bruce Wayne selling out tank parts for a dime, and sure as hell not one's you can put together in an hour. This stinks of a setup. How is it Luthor's got a giant walking tank the second a 'man from space' attacks a building he's been trying to clear out for weeks? Luthor's probably put this stunt together himself!” Lois answered.

“And how do you plan on proving this Lois? The space man's gone and Luthor ain't the kind of guy you try and call a liar,” Perry said. Lois could see a change in his eye, and then she knew she had his attention.

“I'll check with my sources in Wayne's company and see if I can get anything there. You can have Jimmy interview around where it took place, someone had to have seen something," Lois said.

"You better be right about this Lane... you've got two days, if you can't find anything then you'd better be at Luthor's gates!" Perry said, gesturing for Lois to go.


I'm glad that Man of Steel progresses once more. Now that the story continues, several ideas will still remain, including a new antagonist that will shape our young Clark Kent. He has remained in the shadows for now, and shall come out in his viridian light soon. Very soon.


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