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ARRGGGHHH!!! WHY CAN YOU PEOPLE NOT STICK TO THE SCHEDULES YOU PROMISE? and (on the flipside) why are people such dicks to the modders who don't stick to their schedules? Addressing the first question; I realize that making a mod is an incredibly tedious process and requires an ungodly amount of time/stress on the part of the creator(s), so here's an idea, don't tell us your deadline until you are 100% sure you can provide us with something playable on release day. Not 90%, not 95%, in fact, I would say that you shouldn't hint at us, the public, anything about a release until you are completely completed with the mod. Then hype the crap out of it for a week to a month or so. Setting yourself on a deadline when you have yet to put the final touches on the mod is setting yourself up to fail. Why not be absolutely certain? My fellow gallery will then judge your work on the mod instead of the delays we had to sit through to get to it.

Speaking of my fellow peanut chompers, what the frick is with you guys? You'd think that the government outlawed Christmas the way you respond to the slightest delay. Let me put this to you straight, the creators of these mods owe you (and me) nothing. They are not getting paid to do what they are doing. They did not personally sign any sort of contract that binds them to giving you your desire. Even if they put a date, it is well within their rights to NEVER give us the mod. They have put hours and hours and hours of work into their creations; you glanced at a screen that displayed some of that work for a couple seconds to check out their progress. Your desire for the finished product does not give you a right to it. Mods are gifts, why do we as the community act like they are owed to us somehow? And then, when they are delayed, we literally post hate in their comments section. Don't get me wrong, it's expected for you to voice your dissapointment, but some of the posts I've seen lately are vicious personal attacks on the creators themselves (for a reference, check the Half-Life 2 mod Curse). This is unacceptable, immature, and so retarded it begs the question, "What the heck gives you the right to say anything you are saying?"

Anywho, that's my take on the several trends I've noticed lately in the release date department. Once again, I don't exactly do much that's entitling me to any sort of meaningful opinion, but I figure that I can sure as heck chew out the other loafers.

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