Hi, I'm Nathan. I am a studying games developer since about December 2005. I have always had a passion for games, I have always played games, and have always dreamt of creating my own games one day and so now I am working towards that dream. Currently I work alone, and am studying just about all aspects of games development. I plan to keep working alone as long as possible until I am financially secure enough that I can start up a large studio and hire other team members to work on higher quality AAA titles. I am currently working towards creating a mod for the Cryengine which I won't disclose any details for just yet(Details to come when the mod is finished or near finished). The images on my profile may hint at what this project may be about however ;) And I really don't know what else to say without rambling.

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Well... after I made another mountain out of a molehill, i've sat myself down, cleared my mind, and taken a step back in development to make the colosseum into a better shape as my last "FAILED" attempt was too long and crappy looking.

I spent this weekend taking a different approach to the problem, and came out with a better outcome.
The shape is still not how I had originally wanted it to be (like the real colosseum), however this shape is pretty good, and nobody will really notice anyway.

I decided to do a little developers video showing a bit of bug hunting that I was doing last night in my attempt to iron out all geometric bugs in 1/4 of the colosseum before I duplicate it around to complete the entire model.

The colours in this video are fruity because that is how I have grouped objects. Each colour is a different object containing a set of about 4 different types of objects using the same texture space on what will most likely be a 4096x4096 texture.
(If/when I restart the colosseum to do it properly, I will make texturing a heck of alot easier).

Here is the video.

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