I love map modding and I Love Texturing i need to be able toi make moddels though can somone recomend a moddel software to me? thats IS NOT 3DMAX of autodesk

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To Day

I had a nice setup from T-Systems so i could transform
i sor 6 Resisdient trucks coming my way i transformed into a big T-800 and blew them up
also i was getting heavy fire so i airstriked the lot in my HK-Arial.
I Was doing good until our PRIME Target John Corner was sited i tryed to take him out from above but he shot me down i transformed into a small T-800 and ran to be Repiard in T-Systems
mean wile we had news from SkyNet saying it was dangrouse were T-systems were you must leave so we flew of.

On our way to Skynet we were ambushed but the minute they showed they were dead.

Thats all so far im looking forward to another battle

Cya soon ModDB i should be making a mod or so soon when i find out how?
T-800 OTO24680

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