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I recently took a trip to 100 rads in the Rostok bar on SOC OL to unload some gear on Barkeep, get some gear and shoot the shit with some down or their luck stalkers. Feeling brave After about 3 shots of vodka and some nice hookah I left to find a stash I heard about, I headed out towards the dog infested area to totaled car. Just my luck a blowout decided to hit! I made a run for the bar to hunker down and let it roll over.
After the emission, as I wandered topside I noticed something off. I looked to my left and there he lay. Zhorik, the bouncer. He had died from the emission. I can still remember his friendly invitation," don't just stand there, I said come in," as if to keep my spirits up during this dangerous and uncertain event. He must have been trapped in his booth and was unable to leave once the full force of the emission hit and perished a death that I would not wish on the most fanatical of Monolith troops. He gave his life just to make sure everyone had safe quarter during the latest catastrophe. Once I reentered the bar to break the tragic news, the already gloomy mood of the stalkers sank even lower. Even Barkeep disappeared into his room for a few hours to mourn. Someone put Dirge For Planet on the radio and I heard through gasps and tears a stalker call out, "he was a good stalker, Let's drink to him once more time,"
Zhorik has not been replaced in the weeks that have followed, and the noobies that have come to the zone have helped raise the mood a little with their ignorance of such a great man. Barkeep told me he buried him by the road to the Army warehouses. He told me that he was buried with some of his good loot and that if i could rebury him I could take it, but I cannot for the life of me look at him again, so it will have to go unmolested. Hopefully It can serve him well in the next journey of the afterlife.

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