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My personal stupid mod ranking! (Not approved!)

As of today I am a member of this so called Desura. Which is pretty.. derp.
Well pretty easy to install mods and stuff and the download speed is also pretty.. meh.. but nether the less it's an awesome platform for mod managing. (Steam should srsly take a look at this. o.o)

So... I installed a couple of mods the last days.

First: Radiator
Rating: 8/10
One of the first mods that brought out those things you humans call "feelings".
Awesome moddesign. //still has a couple of bugs.. >:-(
Well. Nice mod. Not much to say about it.
The start is a little bit boring and this whole star formation thingy was kind of ... ?driew
Also.. short. ;(
... done with this.

Second: Research And Development
Rating: 9/10
nice. nice. nice.
Overall this mod is great. Made me smile a couple of times and wow.. it's a little bit of a challenge to complete it. Still lacks a little bit of some original art design and the soundtrack.. duh.. normal HL2 soundtrack.. needed something else IMO.
Well. Puzzles are good and you actually have to use your head sometimes. (Challenge part :D)
.. awzum.

Third: CURSE
Rating: 8/10
CURSE. Saying not really much about the mod so I checked it out.
First i was really sceptic. Egypt.. mummies and duh.. the fighting system really needs some fine touch, but if you overlook those little mistakes its a great mod with potential. The puzzles are good and the mod design is something like the best what I've seen so far. Great textures. Great models. Great effects. etc.. etc... One of the best TC's I've seen so far.
Keep working on this please. :D

Fourth: 1187
Rating so far: 7/10
Duh. Controls are weird.. to start with.
You can't kill the barnacles.
The mod setting is kinda weird also.
Sometimes something really unexplainable happens.
.. derp.. duh.. meh.. :(
This could use some work.
But.... Enemy design is great. Map design is nice and well... more things to come.
Trailer looked very promising... That's what disappointed me the most.

That's it.. more to come. :D

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