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Just joined the site and as I cannot post any links yet (I am NOT a spambot!!!!) I'll use my first post to announce my upcoming game "Ricochet"...

Ricochet Title

The idea is simple, travel through 60 different levels spread over four worlds collecting all th coins in each level. This is done with the Ricochet Ball, which you control by using an intuitive click-drag-release mechanism to set the direction and speed of movement.

The four worlds are Earth, Air, Ice and Fire and each has it's own compliment of graphics as well as unique obstacles for your Ball to use/avoid and there are also random Bonus rooms that are generated procedurally. Add to that three levels of difficulty and a quick-game mode (also generated procedurally!) and you have one huge game!

This is actually going to be my first commercial game and It'll be selling for $2.99 through BMT Micro... something new for me as all my games to date have been free!!! But don't worry, this is not going to be a trend for me as I hope to continue releasing quality freeware too...

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