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So, yesterday I stepped down as the Project Lead of Eternal Silence, and Spindoctor and Kage Musha volunteered to fill the spot. This is due to a number of reasons, which I will go in depth with in this blog post, for whom it may interest.

As some knows, when I'm not working on ES, I'm studying to become a doctor here in Denmark. Where I study, Med. School starts out fairly slow, then picks up the pace 1½ semester into the bachelor degree. This was, for me, around autumn. During the winter period, the amount of time I had available to work on Eternal Silence decreased rapidly, and from speaking to older students, I can see that this isn't going to change. With the exception of a few modules, I'll be knee-deep in books for the next 5 years, leaving little time for development, and definitely not enough time to function optimally as the project lead.

Apart from that, recent cutbacks in the health sector in Denmark has made it a bit tougher for us future doctors. It's time to "sharpen your elbows" if you want to get the good positions. I know a lot of people who use mod and indie game development as a stepping stone to a job in the game industry, and while I've learned a lot about project management while working on Eternal Silence, I doubt this experience will help me a lot when I'm trying to land a good residency in the future. So, I'll need to re-focus some of my efforts into a medically relevant job or volunteer project.

I'm still gonna be around on the mapping team, but without managerial duties. I still love producing new content, and I love working on the project with the rest of the team, so there's no way I'm leaving completely!

I'm confident that Kage and Spin will do a much better job than I did, and that development will start running even smoother from now on. I'm psyched to be a part of it! :)


I'm gonna miss your ***... five years? Best of luck man. I hope we still see you around. :)

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Nocis Author

You will, will still be around, mapping and participating. Just not managing :P

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