Hola, I am Neuntoter, main programmer for Enguised Studios. Besides writing game engines and special features, I love to play games and watch movies. Most of my influences come from games like Contra, DooM I,II, and 3, Icewind Dale, Final Fantasy (first NES version). Currently my partner Nonulok and I have been hard at work to bring Tik Tok Tank to life for the masses to enjoy. I also have a small side project in the works. Hmmm, what will that one be like....

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Finally, Tik Tok Tank has it's own page. I am polishing up some features and AI code while Nonulok is making some touch ups to our current sprites and tiles. Although the images associated with the game now will most likely change a little more when the final release happens we would like to make sure that during our Alpha/Beta stages the game looks presentable. Where still not sure if it will stay the slightly colorful retro look or a dark and gritty retro look.

Like I said in a previous post, the AI is finished but the small parts that are not is the fact every enemy we make will have some uniqueness that makes it stand out. Those are what I am coding now. The parts that are finished is what is shared between all enemies. pathing, vision, and other small things.

Well that's it for now.


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