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Ok, so I decided to right up a review of Skyrim here in my blog, so here it is. I very much enjoyed the game play system, it is much improved over Morrowind in the fact that you can now dual cast spells, hold 2 weapons at the same time such as 2 axes or a mace and a sword etc, and the finishing blow system, when you get an enemie to low enough health you can do an attack that kills them instantly, some times you have a chance of decapitating them, the benefit of that is it instantly kills them when there on higher health than just the normal instant kill move. The graphics of Skyrim are simply amazing. The amount of detail they put into the models is HUGE, the wolves and dogs even appear to have individual hairs. The story of the game is improved over Morrowind in the fact that there is actual cut scenes and it is longer, with a better plot. Skyrim has hundreds of hours of gameplay and even after that you can mod it! Most new games are unmoddable but the possibilities for Skyrim are amazing. The only things that need improvement are the inventory system, it needs to be more like Morrowind's drag and drop inventory system, and also they removed the levitate spell and mark and recall. Well thats my review of Skyrim but dont go off buying it lightly since its $60, I personaly thought it was worth every penny.


Hey, nice review my friend. It is detailed and simple enough to get excited about the game without having to trudge through three pages of a review. Makes me wanna buy it, but just spent close to a hundred on ME3, so have to save for awhile!

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