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I'm bored so I figured I would entertain myself by making a biography of my character. Since I don't really plan on killing him off or letting him die anytime soon in the RP, I figured it would be worth it.

*Disclaimer* Not all the events described in the Bio are necessarily 100% accurate or what actually happened. I tried to my best to remember and look up some old events we did in the RP, but I may have filled in what I couldn't remember with what I thought happened or just something that's better/more fun. :P Still, its mostly accurate and describes Praxis's past and blah blah yadda yadda yadda....

Anyway, if anyone of you gets bored or if you are genuinely interested and feel like reading this, than be my guest and enjoy :)


New RP armor

"Everyone wears a mask, the one I wear is nothing special."
"That being said, who I am is not important, my actions however, are."

- Praxis, original quote by Revan

Before taking on the name Praxis, he was known as Dread. Why he was called this and what his full or rather his real name was has been left to speculation. Another key characteristic of Praxis is that he always wears a mask of some sort, and always wears clothing or armor that covers his whole body. The masks he's worn over the course of his life vary from the simple and plain to the elegant and decorated and more recently the high-tech and sophisticated. The reason for this has also been left to speculation, some say that he is Tusken or was born into some other species that traditionally hide their bodies. Others say he's simply paranoid or crazy and feels safe wearing a mask. Regardless of the reason, it goes without saying that few, if anyone at all, knows his true identity. Who he is, what he is, or how old he is ("He" being considered by many as a loose term) a mystery. When inquired about his reasons he usually replies with some philosophical answer and often changes the subject.

"Knowledge brings truth, it brings wealth, and it brings power. Use it wisely." - Praxis

Praxis brings new meaning to the term "jack of all trades". He is a warrior, a scientist, an industrialist, and strategist. Though he was not always this way, Praxis has always been a scientist at heart, fascinated with all fields of science and the workings of the universe. If it exists, he probably knows something about it. If not, than he knows someone who does, or where to look it up. One of his many interests would be the phenomena known as the Force. When he first discovered its existence and his ability to manipulate it like all force sensitives, he became fixated on it, intent on not only mastering it, but to understand how and why it exists and how it works.

Praxis had always been prejudice against both the Jedi and Sith. Though he treated the Force with respect along with all living creatures connected to it, he was willing to do what was necessary to expand his knowledge and acquire more power should it require sacrifice. However he avoided stooping to the methods and teachings of the Sith, who would do anything and everything to gain power and feed their own selfish desires.

For many years prior to joining the Grey Order, Praxis was a wandering scholar. He traveled the galaxy, studying on many worlds, learning about their native cultures, languages, technology and met many interesting people along the way. Praxis had made many friends and enemies during those times. Though his enemies may have moved on or been dealt with, Praxis has kept close ties to his friends and allies. He made his fortune as an artificer, explorer and salvager. He also repaired droids, weapons and ships in his spare time to earn some extra credits. He always enjoyed learning how they work. He often invested the credits he made in the galactic market. After a few great (and somewhat lucky) discoveries, along with some smart investments, he was able to acquire enough wealth to further his studies into the sciences and the Force and to live comfortably.

Years later, Praxis's studies began to slow down. Though he had the resources to fund his many experiments and to find other scientists and scholars that could help him in his research, it still wasn't enough to make significant breakthroughs. He lacked the support of those who were experienced in using the Force, masters who could bring new insights and open new paths to the answers he had been searching for. The Jedi Order would never support him, believing his ideas were too radical and his methods and research violated their code. The Sith on the other hand, would merely use him and his knowledge to bring destruction and chaos to the galaxy, and would likely make him a slave to their greed and kill him off as soon as he was no use to them. Even if the Sith were to accept him, Praxis didn't know where to find them, nor did he want to be corrupted and become a Sith himself. So for a while he was left frustrated with this stagnation. Fortunately for him, he didn't have to wait long. He began hearing of a new group called the Grey Jedi. This new movement consisting of radical Jedi, exiles, dark Jedi and even Sith seemed to be the solution to his problem. He eagerly joined and soon met the man who had founded the Grey Order, one who had similar views of the Force, Aaron Karax.

Praxis had gained an ally in his quest for knowledge. The training was challenging, but he advanced quickly due to his experience. Praxis had mostly been "self-taught", as in he learned most of the basics of manipulating the Force, along with how to handle himself in a fight either on his own or from the people he met in his travels. He became familiar with the tactics and strategies of war and learned to properly use a lightsaber. He familiarized himself with many weapons, and soon found what was to become the signature to his own fighting style, the Scythe. It was difficult for him to master this weapon, even after becoming a Master it took him a couple years, since he had to create whole new techniques that would culminate into a fighting style all his own. After much experimentation however, he became a skilled fighter and duelist. After attaining the rank of Master, Praxis resumed his research with the new found aid of the loyal followers of the Grey Order, his head full of new ideas and insights.

During the second Yuuzhon Vong war Praxis was exploring the outer edges of the galaxy and the unknown regions aboard his research vessel the "Spirit of Innovation" crewed by his best and brightest colleagues and students. The vessel was the same as the imperial Arc Hammer in its design, with some differences of course, as the purpose of this ship was not to build Dark Troopers but for exploration and other uses. Praxis remained uninvolved in the conflict, one reason being that he figured the alliance between the Sith, Republic, Jedi and Grey Jedi would be enough to defeat them. The primary reason however, was that the Vong had cut him off and trapped his ship deep in the unknown regions. The Spirit had advanced stealth capabilities, but it was largely unarmed, and the YZ were capable of detecting the ship if it were to stray to close to one of their invading fleets. Praxis was forced to remain in remote space, for if he tried to return, his ship would be found by the YZ and destroyed. All he could do was send long range transmissions and advise when he could. This seemingly unfortunate event turned around however, when the Spirit stumbled on the wreckage of a ancient derelict ship deep within the unknown regions. The massive vessel was in ruin, after closer inspection of the wreckage it looked as though that this was not the entire ship, estimates showed that it most likely measured 50-60 km in length. It also looked like it was not from this galaxy. The rest of it was either scattered in deep space or reduced to dust. There was only one thing within the bowels of the hulking wreck that was still intact, its power source, the Dark Energy reactor. After the Omega Red virus had wiped out the Yuuzhon Vong, Praxis quickly returned and gathered a salvage fleet to retrieve the reactor in secret. After studying how it works and unlocking many of its secrets he used it to power his new flagship.... Ragnarok.
"Are you really going to go through with Kairn's offer sir? Do you remember what he just did to everything we worked so hard to build?" - Grey Jedi Apprentice
"I do, but what other choice do I have? He's giving us the opportunity to begin anew, we can rebuild everything we lost. I don't know his exact motive, but if he's going to just give all this power to me so easily... Who am I to decline?" - Dread
"He's either insane or up to something sinister." - Mercer
"Why not both?" - Captian Hayes
"Enough. I've made up my mind. We'll use the Sith... for now. I'm sure they're are plenty of things we can learn from them anyway. The Dark Side isn't all bad if you know how to control it. What many Sith simply refuse to understand is that the Dark Side is manipulating them, its the collective product of the greed, selfishness, and violent natures of their predecessors. The Sith have merely become slaves to their own feelings and senses. It holds great power and potential however. Hopefully we can learn from their mistakes. In fact I'm confident we can." - Dread
"I guess since your going to be the new Dark Lord, you'll need a new name that suits a Dark Lord of the Sith, something that will mark our new beginning. How about..... Praxis?" - Master Kael
"Darth Praxis.... Lord... Praxis... Has a nice ring to it. Very well, from now on.... I am... Praxis."

- Praxis, formally Dread, to his remnant officers and students after Lord Kairn's offer to become Dark Lord of the New Sith Order.


After the Grey Jedi fell at the hands of the Mandalorians and New Sith Order, Darth Kairn chose Praxis to become the new Dark Lord of the Sith. Praxis was reluctant at first, Kairn had just betrayed him after all, though the opportunity was too great and he was somewhat more angry at the Galactic Alliance and NGR than he was at the Sith. He could also use the NSO's resources to rebuild and continue his work. So he agreed and he took on the name Lord Praxis, which stuck from then onward. For a while the NSO prospered under his rule, and with his leadership and Kairn's sacrifice they were able to survive the Silentium invasion. It all ended in failure when his exposure to the elements of the Dark side overwhelmed him. He tried to resist the corruption, but it proved to be far to difficult and stressful to protect his mind from being twisted and soon succumbed to madness. It didn't take long before Praxis finally "broke" while fighting the leviathan guarding Kairn's secret fortress. Briefly encountering his former master as the Sith Lord Veritum, and the transmission he received from Lynx saying that he would be assassinated at the hands of Lord Pain and Lord Hunger, had finished him. He fled and activated his contingency plan to burn the NSO and leave them defenseless. The GA was already invading, not long after the NSO fell, the GA found his base in the Red Nebula where Praxis was constructing an Ultra Star Destroyer in secret. This only agitated his broken mind and instead of fleeing and scuttling the unfinished ship with the rest of the base like he normally would have in these situations, he stayed and fought. Ragnarok along with some other vessels in his remnant fleet made a suicidal charge at the GA fleet sent to destroy the base.

"Wha..... what happened?" - Praxis
"Your awake, does this mean you've come back to your senses?" - Captain Hayes
"What do you mean, back to my senses? Whats going on?"
"We're wondering that ourselves." - Lieutenant Mercer

"Ugh... I feel like I got smacked in the head by a rancor..."
a nutshell you sort of went.... insane... and now a lot of people are
dead, quite a bit of destruction and chaos has ensued and the Ragnarok
is now in the hands of the galactic alliance."
"Oh.... right.... I remember.... I sort of wish I really did get hit by a rancor instead of all this."
"The feeling is mutual, sir. But we don't blame you for what happened, everyone knew what they signed up for." - Hayes
"I swear, Kairn seems to curse everything and everyone he rubs his filth on... I knew this was a bad idea." - Mercer
"I had a feeling that this would happen, so I planned ahead as always. We'll be back in the game in no time."
"Oh and don't worry sir, nobody removed your mask while you were out."

-Praxis, to his officers after the Red Nebula skirmish
Outnumbered, Ragnarok was eventually overwhelmed and crippled, Praxis had to be dragged out by his officers and forced to escape in a stealth ship in order to prevent him from activating the self destruct in his blind rage and take everyone down with him. Praxis, who was out cold, and his officers hid in a nearby asteroid field until the GA fleet moved on. By the time he came back to his senses, Praxis had lost everything. The NSO had fallen, the rest of his fleet retreated deep into the unknown regions, his followers and agents were forced into hiding and the Ragnarok, along with a large portion of its crew, had been captured by the GA. After his recovery, (refer to the quote above) he concocted a plan to rebuild once more and reclaim the Ragnarok along with preventing anyone from unlocking its secrets. These tasks were not as difficult as he anticipated, especially the latter; as anyone who could understand how the Dark Energy reactor worked and interpret the vast information stored on Ragnarok's databanks were under his payroll. The task was made even easier when Cronus killed the senate and took power as the Emperor of the New Galactic Empire. After that, Praxis simply offered his loyalty and resources in exchange for Ragnarok.

  • His signature weapon is his scythe, Irkalla. He has imbued this weapon heavily with the Force, which has given it unique properties. For Praxis, the scythe is light and almost weightless to him. He is able to maneuver and swing it like it was an extension of himself. Though it is impossible for anyone other than him to even lift the scythe without his consent. Irkalla is also able to channel the Force easily. For example, it can be imbued with Force lighting or fire to increase its lethality. Praxis developed a whole new fighting style around this weapon, so he can be rather unpredictable since he does not follow standard lightsaber forms when using his scythe. Irkalla has a few other properties and abilities, but no one has ever witnessed the full extent of the weapon's power, or rather they haven't lived long enough to tell anyone about it.
  • Praxis's secondary weapons consist of a custom revolver, dubbed Mercy, which can be loaded with different types of slugthrower rounds and is even capable of firing blaster projectiles and plasma. He is also armed with a Gauss pistol or a blaster as his other secondaries.
  • Praxis is skilled at manipulating the Force. He is known to be able to use telekinesis using only thought, and likes to create doppelgangers to distract and confuse his opponent(s). His experiments with the Force have also led him to create new techniques and new ways to use existing ones or to use powers in combination with each other.
  • Praxis isn't shy about using himself as a guinea pig in his own experiments. Though testing on himself has not always been the best for his well being, these efforts have not been fruitless. That being said, Praxis is fitted with several cybernetic implants and has developed "mutations" which enhance his strength, speed and reflexes to a limited extent, along with minor regenerative abilities. Though it is unknown if the latter is natural to his species or if it was the result of one of his many experiments. (Being only implants and not replacements of organs or limbs, they do not interfere with his ability to channel the Force). Coupled with training on a regular basis, and the fighting techniques he had developed on his own, he is as deadly in CQC as he is at range.
  • Working with many inventors and scientists and being one himself, Praxis has many gadgets at his disposal, ranging from special grenades, portable drones, personal energy shields, etc. His armor plating is coated in cortosis and made of a unique alloy consisting of beskar, durasteel and other metals. The armor plating is supplemented with fiber weave armor that is not only light and comfortable, but can also absorb energy and can easily protect against slugthrower rounds. The helmet comes with a built in commlink and customizable HUD. Some of Praxis's implants also allow him to interface with droids and other technology that can send and receive wireless signals. These implants are protected from EMPs and have safeguards against hacking.
  • Praxis doesn't wear his armor everywhere he goes. In fact he hardly uses it at all except in special circumstances where he is expecting a fight. Normally he conducts his usual business in his Imperial military uniform (being a Grand Moff currently) or in tailored business suits. These articles of clothing do not cover his body like his armor does. Instead his body is encompassed in a semi-reflective "liquid metal" substance that is visible from his head and hands. (refer to my avatar) The composition of the mysterious substance is unknown by anyone but Praxis, so its been left to speculation. It could be made of millions of tiny nanomachines or even a force-sensitive living organism or material that protects him from harm. Others say that it's his actual appearance and that Praxis is either an extra-galactic or extra-dimensional alien that arrived in this galaxy long ago. Naturally for someone so enigmatic as Praxis the rumor wheel never stops spinning.

**Might edit this further later on, add some more pictures and what-not, make it look pretty and more appealing. But for now this is as far as it goes.**


Pretty nice, Praxis, pretty nice.

Makes me want to write one for Kairn... xD.

And I shall take your/Mercers comment on Kairn as a compliment... xD.

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Ρrʌжis Author

Thank you ^_^

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I remember a while back in some event (I forget which one), something happened to you, and you ended up regenerating like a Gen'Dai, saying you were one.

Or something like that...


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Aha! This one:



P.S. Might do my own bio now...

Heh heh heh.

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Ρrʌжis Author

It was a side event, had nothing to do with the main RP if I remember correctly. That never got GM approved, one because I never asked, two because I had something a little more practical and fun in mind.

I might save a Gen'Dai character for later. But the slow mental breakdown that they experience as they age is not exactly something that would fit with what I intend for Praxis.

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Meh. Still interesting though. And I think you were willing to go through with it until people started arguing...


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Ρrʌжis Author

Oh yeah that's the third reason why I never did it. xD

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Lovely bio. Say, since I'm sorta an engineer for the Mandalorians now and we are in need of some... Special things, would you mind if I stop by Auricom?
I know, I know. Its the chief competitor of the WWC but honestly, I won't sabotage a thing! In fact when I returned to the RP I wanted to join Auricom but since everybody categorized me as a Mandalorian till I drop I had little choice. <_<

Not that I mind. >_>

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