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Whats up everybody? My name is Kobe, I'm 15, Sophomore and living in Federal Way, Washington.
I will only say that I'm a big gamer when it comes to almost any game. I currently got my hands on Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 last month and I have to say that Call of Duty has changed my life as a gamer. If it wasn't for Call of Duty then I wouldn't be this big of a gamer, so thank you Call of Duty for changing my life in the gaming mind and community. Battlefield on the other hand is helping me a bit with gaming, finally grasping what the creators have to show and present to us. EA and DICE work very well together in making the best games possible. Anyways, you watch YouTube, right? Well a little after 2016 in the Winter, after I graduate I plan to make a new Google and start uploading videos, with the help of my trusty friend Reuben (Editor). He is also my age he lives in Australia and plans to move the U.S. if my videos go viral, so fingers crossed for that. I'm also trying to get myself up there with YouTuber's such as KYRSP33DY, VanossGaming, H20 Delirious, and many more. The gaming consoles I plan to play on for my videos with will be possibly the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I'm mostly a first person shooter, not a fan of third but willing to try new games such as Knack, Watch Dogs, Outlast and more games that don't really relate to shooter games. Last month Microsoft released the Xbox One, many gamers got it, luckily for me I didn't and here's the reason. At some times I rage and swear, so do other gamers. So what Microsoft decides to do is go into our person privacy by looking into videos we upload, Private Skype calls we save and find people swearing. I'm going to stop at that, let that sink in and you tell me if that's just no pedophilia (Basically pedophiles). That's all I wanted to say, hope my dreams come true and ill see you on the gaming side

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