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Zombies are fast becoming the 'it' genre in gaming. While I love that the attention brings more games for me to play, it also brings bad games... and god forbid, bad players too.
Left 4 Dead, awesome game, loved it to bits. But I felt it was missing something 'real'. Yes I know zombies aren't real, but I mean some seriousness, some real world wit. None of this "Boom Headshot" crap I see too much of these days.

Fort Zombie is a perfect example of what I need. 'Just wow' is the best description I can muster.
The underlying mechanics of this game are pure and enjoyable. Mostly because it's got the balls to show that 'You' are not god. Go check it out it really is simply amazing.

(If you mock it or any other game for its lack of graphics, you should leave now, before you get yourself hurt)

Dead State is another game that I deem awesome. It hasn't been released yet, but from what I have seen released in screenshots and discussed amongst everyone on their forums, this is going to be epic. Like the second coming epic.

Go check it out at DoubleBear Productions.

Another game I recently played that is killing it according to my view is Project Zomboid. This game is only in alpha, but you can already see a clean polish in their work. The dynamics are pure and ballsy.

Go check out my full review here on Desura. (Page 5 for those who actually look)

Ya'll have fun now, you hear? Peace.

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