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To the worst company in the United States,

Hello EA.

I have recently tried a diplomatic approach toward your corporation. But other than giving me false hope, you've done nothing. Nothing, but trying to bribe me with fifteen percent discount on two games and a Battlefield 3 medal.

Obviously you don't care. You think that we, the gamers, will always be ignorant enough to buy any game you throw at us. But as the Americans say "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

We've been fooled enough. Battlefield is half-way dead. The gamers are angry, and you stand to lose one of your most valuable franchises. What are you going to do about it? What can you do about it, other than winning back our trust?

The gaming community is mad as hell at you. But among all the hatred, I've decided to at least try and get a dialog going between you and the gamers. I lost my friends on Emulator Nexus, only because I tried to convince them to bury the hatchet with you. Yes, I am a hostage negotiator at this point. You have taken the talented studios and the games we love hostage, and I am trying to negotiate their release.

You need to start listening to us and acknowledging our feedback. I mean for real. Former president George Walker Bush said "You fool me, I can't get fooled again.". We won't buy it this time. Yet I hate to see a company and franchise I grew up with die like this.

Lastly, I will quote the legendary TV series, Prison Break. When Haywire, a mentally challenged prisoner was taken to Michale Scofield's cell, the CO, Brad Bellick, told Scofield that if he has an objection, he can feel free to voice it in Bellick's suggestion box. He then pointed at the cell's toilet. So by ignoring us, you are doing the exact same thing.

This would probably be a good place to start your recovery. If you are reading this (which I hope you are), leave a comment. Hopefully my fellow gamers will be kind enough to give you another shot.

awaiting your response,


Muntaqim_313 Author

I'm a reasonable person, and I rather hear both sides of the story. Do you mind sharing yours, EA?

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Implying they will ever see this.

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