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One week remaining of this simester at univeristy - my final year! The workload is acceptable, I made sure this time to get myself well ahead. 4,000 words to write, some low-poly objects to model and a few scenes to render off, then I'll be done on that front. Still, I've got a dissertation to keep me busy over the Christmas break, deep joy. Oh, and whilst I'm at it, my project title is:
"Modelling Weapons by Evolving Past and Present Weapon Designs", quite befitting my interest to say the least! I'll keep you guys posted on the progress of that as much as I can.

I can't wait to get this work done-and-dusted, its been looming over me since September and I'm really looking forward to being able to Counter-Strike it up for a few hours each day and get back to what I really love; modelling - not writing university technical reports or documentation. And I've got some nice projects lined up when that happens too:- I'll be modelling the chaingun for Renegade-X.

Its a design, like my others, that keeps the essence of the original Renegade model but has a complete visual overhaul. All my designs take a new practical and mechnical approach I feel many other designs this day 'n age neglect. I wont divulge too much, think of it as my Christmas surprise for the Renegade X and modding community; but it'll certainly be something fresh and new- with all those chaingun and gatling gun designs outs there that all look the same, I felt it was time for a new perspective in term of the mechanics and the rest of the design follows with that. And too rightly too - it took me about 4 days of solid idea-storming to reach a design I was happy with!

Anyway, I'll be off to bed - excitedly awaiting Christmas, and all its going to bring. I miss my girlfriend who'll I see once again in a week and get to spend Christmas with her and all the family, get back to gaming and modding and I can't wait.

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