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My personal favorite and in my opinion, best released single player mods for HL2

Best HL2 Single Player Released mods:

10. Riot Act:
Another Half Life 2 classic, by uoz (no full name provided). Its like the old Nova Prospekt map- But way better. With the help of your trusty escaping allies, get out of the prison while you still can. No new models are in the mod, and there is little storyline, but its basically the classic, good old-style HL2 mod that a lot of people would love to play. Play when you have spare time, its well worth it. About thirty minutes long.

9. Rock 24
is a half life 2 classic, by Henley Bailey. After being taken to an island prison, you must fight your way out. Beautiful mapping, a new coloring for citizens, and a pretty good storyline, this mod is a load of fun to play. Sadly, moddb has no download link. Youll have to get it from somewhere else. Its about a one and a half hours long, HL2 story related.

8.Dear Esther:
A very differently-styled mod by the chineseroom. Its neither a puzzle mod, nor a combat mod, it’s a storyline mod. You look at gorgeous mapping, hear the tales of different people, and slowly discover the secrets of the island… A wonderful mod by all accounts. Well worth the download. Shoot-em’-up fans and those that hate puzzle mods should not play this mod though… It requires a certain mindset to enjoy. Not HL2 based, no new models. About thirty minutes to forty five minutes long.

7. Rebellion:
by Raphael Gilot, is a space-faring, well thought out mod. Using many scripted sequences and good storytelling, Rebellion is a great mod. Yet not only is it fun to play- It really shows how great a mod can be without new models, more than any other mod I have ever played. Raphael creates a sci-fi world, anything but HL2 storyline, and makes it seem like a totally new game with nothing really new. A great mod, about 30 minutes long.

6. Strider Mountain
: by SPY interactive, is probably the second longest mod for HL2. Good mapping is there, with some new models from FPSbanana. An excellent mod for those that love combat, for this mod has tons of it. While a little weak on storyline, its got a great soundtrack, interesting gameplay, and some cool puzzles. Worth the download! About 3 and a half hours long, depending on how fast you can play the mod. It is related to Half Life 2 in storyline, but has a very different feel to it.

5. The Citizen:
A great mod by Chris Fox and Jose Ameyugo. The Citizen does not present any new models, yet has good mapping and excellent storyline. Fight your way through the armies of Combine in City 17, attempt to assassinate Breen, and even put on a Combine suit at one time. An excellent, fun mod to play. This is a classic HL2 mod. About an hour long.

4. Get a Life
: presented by Cide (full name not presented) has some very large, amazing elements- Ill start with a list.
1. This is, without doubt, the longest mod HL2 mod you will ever play, except maybe for SMOD. I estimate about 11 hours of gameplay. You wont run out!
2. Custom models. TONS of custom models. All weapons, people, enemies, and several props are totally redone. This mod looks nothing like Half Life 2.

3. Very good mapping. While not the best mapping I have ever seen, I think it has better mapping than probably 85% of other mods. The effort REALLY shows!In this mod, you are whisked away into a strange, weird world. While a bit weak on storyline, here is a saying from the description:

  • To give the player the best gaming experience possible, GaL will offer a custom HUD, an innovative healing system with several damage zones, drugs that will trigger a "bullet-time" effect, upgradeable weapons and enhanced enemy AI
  • About 11 hours of gameplay
  • 24 maps with varied environments
  • 61 characters
  • 13 weapons

On all accounts, this is not a bad mod ^^ This really shows how far source can come. Not related to HL2. Warning: This mod is VERY hard to beat. I had to use god mode all the way. It uses a new system of healing, with each body part having different condition. Again, very hard, and sometimes, very scary :O

3. Random Quest:
A very interesting mod by Chris Fox and Jose Ameyugo. Using fantastic mapping abilities, voice acting, and several custom skins, Random Quest is the ultimate adventurous mod. While many other mods have long stretches of combat, in areas such as the underground, Random Quest has bizarre combat and mapping, and has a massive storyline element. This wacky mod is not first on this list because of its short length- Only about a half hour long. Yet its fun combat and interesting puzzles make it well worth it, so play when you have time. Not related to HL2.

2. Research and Development:
This is an outstanding, groundbreaking mod by Marcello Bortolino, with no shooting involved. Fight the Combine, and triumph, with only bugbait and a gravity gun. Command antlions, drive zombie-killing trucks you have to assemble, and hold bulletproof glass on trains to stop Combine from shooting you up. This mod is detailed to the last extent, and can easily be defined as beautiful. One hour to an hour and a half, uses HL2: EP2, HL2 storyline.


Minerva: by Adam Foster, is on the top of this list for various reasons. Its long, interesting, has plenty of combat, and has a good storyline. After you are dropped off onto an island by a helicopter, a mysterious speaker guides you down into a massive underground Combine base. While it has no new models and does not use Half-Life 2, Episode 2 graphics, this entrancing and interesting mod is an amazing feat and shows just how awesome a mod can be without custom content. Several hours long, HL2 storyline.

Hope you agree with what I think, please leave a comment- happy holidays!


I agree with most of your choices for your top 10, some fantastic mods !. We've been spoiled over the last 2 years with some great releases and if I were to do a top 10, it would take me too long to warrant the seizures I'd wind up having from trying to decide on one over another. I'm glad you took the time though, it was a good read. I also like the synopsis style mod descriptives. Nicely done.

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Mr.Walrus Author

Thanks man :) Glad you took the time to read! Have you played them all?

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Absolutely ! In fact your blog inspired me to attempt to compile a list of the mods I've played and risk that seizure.It goes not quickly, because I use various sources such as PlanetPhillip a lot too ( great mods on Philips site ! Ever go ? ). We do agree completely on Minerva. It's the best mod I have ever played. I have yet to get near the level of enjoyment from any other as yet, but I'm waiting to. Great choice !
Maybe once I get some more titles on my list, I'll drop off my top 10 ( as well as some other favorites ) if that's o.k..

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Mr.Walrus Author

Cool :D Ive been on Philips and played a few mods, such as Offshore (I have yet to finish- its getting a bit boring) and City 7: Toronto conflict (it was originally on this list, but I gave it up mainly because some of the maps were horrible) Happy you liked the list :)

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I mostly agree, but instead of strider mountain I'd put in Dangerous World, you should play that, it's a really awesome mod :D

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Mr.Walrus Author

I tried it, I wasnt too thrilled :/

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It's great to see two of our mods on your list :)
I hope you'll also enjoy the third one (The Citizen Part 2) once it's done!

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Mr.Walrus Author

Glad thats still alive :)

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