Hi person(and possibly future friend)! My name is Flare(not really)! I'm like any other girl in the world except one thing is different about me. I love pikachu, but i also love horror games! I play them all the time, and i intend to do that. I hope i can make friends along the way. And i hope you will like me. I will be playing lots of horror games, and i'll be filming while i'm on here(probably will forget most times) Join the Army, and become a PokeBro today!( if you want) Btw Youtuber.....

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I welcome all to come join the PokeBro Army. Now if you know who pewdiepie is you know what the bro is. If you don't, look him up. Now a PokeBro is just a bro with pikachu ears and tail. But it is way more deadly and way faster too. But luckily we're them and we going against the slendermans and barrels. Slenderman and his Army have joined the barrels so we have to stop both. Join the Bro or PokeBro Army today. I alway forgot to tell the job of a pokebro. A pokebro is the partner of a bro, like in pokemon. So we're the bros' partner and we help them out. Plz Join these Armies and help us defeat the Barrels and slendys.


You could say that Pokebros are extremely rare, and shiny pikachus. They are so rare and unique that they blend in with their humanoid forms. I'll join the PokeBro Army!

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