I run a group called (ACST) Amensia Custom Story Testers, and from that you can probably tell I test custom stories, and report with a large amount of feedback. If you want me to test your custom story simply message me privately with the link, and I shall give my feedback.

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Hello, my names Dan, or Mini Mongo, and I decided to make a blog, in case anyone wants to read it!So, today I'm going to discuss the Amnesia community, and why we are so unique, compared to say the common player of Call of Duty (No offence of course)
We are much like the Elder Scrolls community as far as mods goes, we may not share the modding aspect of course, but when I say mods, I mean Custom Stories...and what's better than an entire custom story for you to play, perhaps give feedback and scare yourself even more, getting more hours for your money?
I have played a large amount of custom stories from the Great Work, the Attic, to things such as Four minutes to escape, and my most recent Felix's nightmare. And all have successfully scared me in there own way, and that is what I love about Custom Stories.Each one is different, some have the terrifying yet somewhat annoying jumpscares, some have tense moments, some have a time limit, and some have the most creepy atmosphere I have ever felt. All of which, in my book are good for a game such as Amensia, as the only reason you purchase a game like this simply to scare yourself.
That is the glory of our community, and what really tightens us as a whole. I generally believe without Custom Stories the Amnesia community would be smaller, less connected, less impressed with the game, and surely not as many videos on youtube. Ahh, the glory of you custom story makers, I applaud you.
I hope you agree to this, and if not please comment, I love a little debate now and again, though any offensive comments will be removed. Thank you for the little read, it was a small rant really, but I felt I should write it, and this blog is mine after all.Tata readers.
P.S: If you have a custom story, and wish for me to test it and give feedback please PM me.

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