I am a 3D modeler, well, I am learning how using blender. Right now I currently only have the basics down but I am improving fast. Previously I had made several attempts to learn 3D modeling, but I was too young to understand the concepts of 3D modeling, or simply plan out the models I tried to create. Now that I am older I figured I might as well as give it a go, and now using all the the knowledge obtained from previous attempts my modeling is starting to take off. I live in Ontario Canada, and I play several sports including ice hockey, paintball, baseball, softball and football. I currently work as an umpire but I aspire to work in the gaming industry. I am strictly a PC gamer, I usually play RTS or FPS games but I occasionally find an (MMO)RPG that I will play for a while.

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The Blog I have an announcement to make today! So I am officially moving the blog to every Saturday. I'm very sorry for changing the day again but I am trying to find a good setup that works with my job, hockey, and school. Yes I did say school, I start in about 20 days and I am not exactly excited for it. Not only does it mean i wont be able to model and skate as much. But i have hockey 4-6 days a week, so I am going to be really busy trying to balance hockey and school and all of you, my beloved readers.
Also if I am unable to write a blog or game it will be posted on Wednesday. If it isn't posted on Wednesday there should be something in the previous weeks blog warning that I will be away. Since I am talking about being away, this week from Sunday the 21st to Sunday the 28th I will be away with my family at a cottage. I will talk more about this in the "LIFE" section.
Lastly I am introducing a "LINKS" section to the blog so I can link things like the mods I reviewed, or someone that helped with a model. This section will be at the bottom of all the blogs .

Modeling and Mods This week I modeled a holy hand grenade and baseball bat (pictures have already been uploaded). I made the holy hand grenade because I love the worms games and I just had to make one. I really like how it turned out, and I will try to UV map and texture it ASAP. Along with the grenade I also made a baseball bat. For this model I made several versions and my friend Dragon (links in "LINKS" section) and he told me to do some tweaks to do. After a while we got it just right. Dragon is the founder of "The Dragons Keep", it is a group that hosts TF2 servers.
Also I have officially decided to colour (ye I'm Canadian) coordinate the background of my models.A blue background will mean that the model is a PROP. A green background will mean that the model is a CHARACTER. And a red background will mean that the model is a WEAPON.

Life Well as I said earlier I will be going to a cottage near Ottawa with my family, there is an internet connection but I don't have a laptop that is good enough for gaming so I guess next weeks blog may be on Wednesday, or I will unfortunately have no blog. I will try to make models but I cant really promise anything.
And today i have a question for you guys, if grey stuff comes out of my toe is that bad?

Gaming Today I am going to review half of the humble indie bundle 3's games. The games I will review are: Machinarium, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and Osmos.
-Machinarium: Technically I didn't play this game but my brother did. Basically my brother was having trouble with the puzzles in the game so I helped him through 95% of the game. The games puzzles were very funny and hard, and I really loved the arcade part of the game. The only down side to the game is that some of the puzzles you had to have quite and imagination and we ended u using trial and error to get through most of it. For an example at part of the game you had to use toilet paper as a rope at one part of the game. One thing i want to mention is that the art was absolutely AMAZING I spent a while just admiring the drawings in each map. I will rate this game a 4.5/5 because the developers had a sense of humor and it was just generally a fun game to play.
-Steel Storm: Burning Retribution: This game was in like the RTS view but it was just a regular shooter with little to no story. It had a little bit of a learning curve to be able to dodge the enemies attacks but it only takes maybe the first mission to learn. Theres not much to say about this game... I will give it a 3/5 because I did enjoy it but it wasnt anything special.
-Crayon Physics Deluxe: In this game I got bored of it quite fast. I played until the 4th island, adn from what I played the puzzles were very easy. And to be honest it work make a mediocre IPhone game, I would give it a 1/5 because I just couldn't stand playing this game, if I wasn't going to write a review on it I would have stopped after the first 5 levels.
-Osmos: This is another game that belongs on the IPhone and not my PC. But in this case I think it would be very very fun if it were longer. That was the only problem with the game was the amount of levels. The game consists of absorbing other cells that are smaller than you.You are either trying to absorb an AI cell, become the biggest cell in the map, or trying to reach a certain size. There were also these cells that had like an orbit around them that you were in. If you got out of orbit you went out of control and in the long run died. One feature that I thought was cool was that to move you had to use small parts of you to push you forward, so you really needed to be patient and be strategic in your moves. I am going to give it a 4/5.

In my other gaming news I am starting to play an MMORPG called Drift City, it is like a racing game with a story and car chases. I also was playing Modular Combat, one of my favorite mods. Next week if there is a blog I will review the rest of the HIB (if there is a blog next week), and I am planning on going through some of FPS banana's SP maps.

Until then...

Mini Ace, out.



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