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NFSpeed::World [08-16 feb]
Important game development
Cars are (again) retired. Read on this link and here about it.
I did a review on Need for Speed World which you can find at its usual place. I have a continuance on the review under one of it's screenshots (linked at bottom of review), because there's much more interesting info on the game, than the character space allowed. Be sure to read that section too. Make sure that you keep checking the second part of the review, because it updated freqently as I progress in the game. My tips will make your gaming experience in this virtual world easier. Can anyone tell me what's in NFSWO_COMMUNICATION_LOG.txt? The file resides in the large downloaded part of the game (not in the launcher's main folder)

Game engine found [05-feb]

I've just seen a multi-platform game-engine in development, that can be a very powerfull asset for modders and game-programmers! Read about the Dragon Engine here. The feature list on this engine is rich!

Shockwave music tip [30-jan]

Do you want variety in the music you hear in Shockwave?
In order to play alternative music in Shockwave, you can substitute the default music files of Zero Hour with those from the Tiberian:Sun music-pack or the Tiberium:Wars music-pack for a nice variety of in-game atmospherics. Make sure that you copy the 13 tracks of each faction to a backup location first (record the original location there too). According to sgtmyers88 you then need to place the new music pack in the Data/Audio/Tracks folder and you're ready to play Shockwave in Tiberian Sun [1] or Tiberium Wars sound sphere.

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