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Tutorial [21-mar]
I've just submitted my first tutorial and was approved within a day by a site-mod (fast work mod thanks 8). You can read it here in the tutorial section.

Destructive::Forces v1.4b tip [18-mar]
Quoting the modder:
"Just noticed that the game actually loads the Default AI-scripts. To load the DF custom scrips you have to rename the Scripts folder named "Scripts" located in "\Data\". Rename it to anything, eg. ScriptsBCK. Now the game will load the DF custom AI Scripts. If you do not have this folder in your ZH\Data directory, then the custom AI scripts will load automatically. You can double check this by choosing the United Arabs as an HARD AI opponent. If they build the powerplant (should take max 4 mins) then the DF Skirmish AI is loaded.

NFSpeed::World [07 mar]
Yet another update is running for NFSpeedWorld in background. More info on that in the regular posting section of it. It seems that these updates are of a certain size range, since this one is about as big as the previous patch.

NFSpeed::World [28 feb]
Another server-park maintanance of 4 hours is running now which will end an 02:00 GMT. It's not surpsprising that this occurrs so fast after the last one because of the connection problems gamers were having since the last additions. What changed initially is the update of the gamelauncher. Read my last post in this section for more details.
Some avid racers must be experiencing deprevation anxieties now 8-)

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