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I've been away from the page for ages now and a couple of fairly recent comments have prompted me to try and explain what happened with RGB2 Chapter 2.

The RGB Mod was one of those things that started as a way of putting a bit back into the modding community to say thank-you to other modders for all the great content I've played for free over the years. I always intended the mod to come to completion at the end of RGB Chapter 2 but the coding limitations of the original GEM editor held me back from some great ideas that I was unable to solve to within that format. To be brutally honest the modding work got so it was taking me away from family life and a change in my commitments was required - as always family come first and a full time job second - that left little free time for modding so I started to use that free time to work on other types of projects that I can push forward and own completely unlike a mod where the assets always belong to the software company. My progress on RGB2 Chapter 2 is archived but my plans for release will be finalised sometime in 2020 when my modelling/craftwork/sculpting tutorial site goes live to the net. I will either commit to finishing the RGB saga on MOW or release the part build to another modder who can see the project to a completion that the followers will be able to enjoy playing. I had plans at one stage in 2017 for an inde release of RGB as a playable story but the learning curve of a new programming language was just too much to fit in with my life style and normal full time job. I realised I'm too old now to spend another 5 years learning a programming system for a game that may not end up being marketable. I wanted to use my free time to build something that could pass on some of my other skills to a larger audience - so I began to work on art and craft video tutorials after success over the years training in industry and working with all the kids in my Wife's extended family doing craft days and scratch building everything from space ships to film props. So ultimately I made a choice to go back to something that may be more useful than my modding. I have been building and tinkering with scrap parts and recycled junk since I was young - so instead of trying to master a programming skill I may never get good at I am going back to basics - and in this super digital age - it is still really satisfying to build something with your hands or sculpt a figure from wire, epoxy and polymer clay. I understand this is not really helpful to the people that still want to play mods - but as I said - I will release the part build if I cannot find the heart or time to do the RGB story the completion it deserves once my art tutorial site is up and running. On a final note - have yourselves a Merry Christmas when it finally arrives and if I get any time between vids in the workshop and Mrs Merch chasing me for getting jobs round the house done on my days off - I will dust off the RGB mod files and take a proper inventory at how many hours will be needed to complete the mod in a form that will work in the GEM. Bye for now ;-)

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