An older gamer, who's started the 'testing' and feedback bit of games back in 1995, where having been one of the (many) Sony Underground players, was 'picked up,' by some other developers for my insight, feedback, and suggestions. (And the unique ability of typing in proper English apparently.) For about 7-8 years, I have been in the interim gaming community, testing, giving feedback (as aforementioned), bug testing, and managing individual staff members to ensure that proper 'completion,' towards a specified date.

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Considering the types of computers, routers, hardware, software, anti-virus', and everything in between, you could have sworn that there would've been a "better way," of managing to install and operate the dedicated servers from one's own home computer. And quite frankly the Source way of doing it, is entirely incomprehensible.

A small portion of the community are able to manage to just "create Game" and type in "sv_lan 0" and bam, there we go. But since the implementation of the "Orange Box/Source 2007" you just have to change the map/restart the server (and therefore erasing your console commands?). Some people of this small percentage, manage to just create an autoexec with the console commands already implemented, as to save them the hassle.

However, for a large majority (I would appreciate some numbers on this, but from my own observations, I would approximate more than 60%) there is quite the irritating presumption that the Source Dedicated Server tool would actually work, is grossly massive. The only "correct" way of this time, that seems to work for a 90% majority, is to, downloads the hldsupdatetool, and manually download each game/cfg from every game that you wish to host a server for.

From my own personal experience, it's wholly pathetic to see a Gmod Server on my machine. Now, it's 1.5 TBs, so I can handle it's massive engorgement of 'needy files,' but if any of the die-hard (or even 'like to dirk around') Gmod players out there, you have about 30-80+ Gigs of pure maps, addons, textures, sounds, etc. Now, in order to have your server actually HAVE these things, and you, like me, want everyone who has it to experience it, and those who don't, to witness it (in all it's giant ERROR glory) it's effects, must COPY and PASTE these massive 30+ gig folders INTO the dedicated server's directory, effectively killing your hard drive space, in twice the time.

Is there possibly a better way? because frankly, if there IS an easier way or a config that would autoexec upon startup, after bypassing ports in the router, anything at this point would be a grand idea.

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