Hello, I am Megavin123. I am a modder for the game Star Wars Empire at War but I am also planning to give other games a try. Aside of that, I am also part of Bullseye; an indie gamedevelopment group.

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Hey, Megavin123 here.

you probably know me from my mod Earth at war; if it is finshed I won't vanish from the community ;)
I'm going to make more mods then :).
Some mods I have in mind:
Star wars Return of the Sith: While Emperor Palpatine has died the Galaxy was in peace. The Rebellion was no more; they evolved into the New Republic, but the Evil hasn't completely vanished; while the New Republic was fighting the Imperial remnants the Sith Empire suddenly returns.
This mod is based on the brand new Star wars MMO game called 'Star wars the Old Republic'.

Star wars the battle of time: The secret of the Maw has been discovered, it was an ancient gate that leads to other eras. All the factins from the star wars history start a major war of time. Allthe factions have to work together to stand a chance against the other factions.
The eras will be:
Old republic era; Old Republic + Sith Empire
Clone wars era; Galactic Republic + CIS
Dark times era; Republic remnants + Early Empire
Rebellion era; Rebel Alliance + Galactic Empire
New republic era: New republic + Empire of the Hand*

Star wars good vs bad: An alternate way of the 'time war' All good factions (Including the Old Republic, Republic, Republic remnants, Rebellion, New republic) will battle all bad factions (Including the Sith Empire, CIS, Early Empire, Galactic Empire, Empire of the Hand*).

* If I get permission from the Thrawns revenge team.

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