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Recently I played day of infamy a call of duty 2 custom map by Taintxs the link is below. I found the map to be exciting and interesting. The Map is about a German strike on English soil tho you are doing most of the work. The map takes you through a heavily fortified British coastal town with wide streets and obviously lots of British troops. After you cleared the town you are taken through a swamp to face a British hard point in the middle of it is a Crusader tank but the panzershrek you need is on the other side of it and is very hard to get to alive. After the swamp you approach a radar station which is the last British line of defense. After that you proceed to another part of town where the Americans are hold up. After fighting through the graveyard and secure a position friendly troops help you to proceed to the German headquarters behind a Sherman tank. The map is not to long and not to short an it provides you with great action, and don't forget the hidden special weapons spewed out across the map. So if you haven't downloaded it download it below and give it a try. Enjoy whats left of summer Mav

This is the link

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