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RSS S.t.a.l.k.e.r. with a gamepad/controller

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📜 Here's a little guide on how to play Stalker on PC with a gamepad.

📥 First, install a program called AntiMicro, it's free, small and open source.

🎮 Set up your controller in the program. Make sure all buttons are recognized correctly. Before starting the game load a corresponding profile in AntiMicro. Profiles contain key bindings, they are saved as files with .amgp extension. I will post everything in this folder:

⚙️ The bindings were made using xbox 360 controller, Dualshocks and other models should work fine as well, certainly reduce thumb-stick dead zone (in AntiMicro) if you use one of those gamepads.

⚠️⛶ For superior/adequate aiming disable mouse acceleration in Windows. It's called Enhance Pointer Precision in mouse options.

Also you should probably disable your gamepad in Steam while using Antimicro, at least make sure Steam doesn't use it in any way.


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bindings 2

This is a profile for Call of Pripyat, Call of Chernobyl mod, Misery mod and similar mods:

  • Change in game controls:
  • Pause - to /
  • Switch on crouch/stand mode
  • For Call of Chernobyl mod:
  • 3rd person auto-aim - to Num 4
  • 1st person view - to Num 1
  • 3rd person view(1) - to Num 2
  • 3rd person view(2) - to Num 3
  • For Misery mod:
  • First person cam - to Num 1
  • Third person cam - to Num 2
  • Free cam - to Num 3

If you can't assign Num keys use other ones, for example [ , . ; ' ] keys, make changes in Antimicro profile as well. Num 4 is mapped to the left trigger in Set 2. "Set 4 Driving" is for mods that have vehicles. Added for a reference, will need correction for different mods.

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This is a profile for Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and mods:

  • Change in game controls:
  • Always crouch - to Right Ctrl
  • Pause - to /
  • For Clear Sky lower mouse sensitivity. "Set 4 Driving" is for mods that have vehicles. Added for a reference, will need correction for different mods.

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