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Report RSS Behind the scenes of a small level: Chapter three - Game Logic

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For full understanding of this part, I recommend to have the following images opened in your browser, each one in a different tab.

IMAGE ONE(triggers)
IMAGE TWO(lights)

If the text is bold, there is a reference to the first image (triggers), if the text is in italic, there is a reference to the second image (lights), and if the text is underlined, there is a reference to the third image (sounds)

For this part, I'd like to go back to the script in part 2, so please, if you don't remember it, go back and re-read it please.

I intentionally left a bit of the script out of the part 2 explanation, because I wanted to cover it with more detail here. That part is when I talk about the player getting 2 keys. One of them would unlock the door to Dr. Vang's office room, and the other to open the chest where the rock would be.

But let's start by the beginning.

The spawn point is by that big circle you see at the bottom of all the three images.
After the spawn, the player would only see the entrance to the office. After you touch the blue-boxed trigger, the white-circled lights would turn off, making the blue-circled sound (which is very similar to this one: ), and after 0.2 seconds, your flashlight would turn on and flicker a little bit. Also, it activates a Post Process Volume, which would desaturate the scene a little bit and have slight modifications on the highlights / mid tones.

The green-boxed trigger would turn on the heatbeats on the background.

The red, yellow and black boxes will be covered later in this part.

If the player tries to touch the yellow box at this part of the gameplay, he will die. Making it impossible to touch the black-boxed trigger and the red-boxed trigger does nothing at this point
If the player tries to press the use key ( e ) on the green-circled trigger, it'll give him a message that he need a key, that key is in the same place the yellow-circled light is.

The yellow-circled light is just to call the attention of the player, because the key is there, and when the player reaches it, it turns off.

After the player opens the door with the key, it activates the red, yellow and black boxed triggers.
I placed the red-boxed trigger there to force the player to touch it. There's no way someone would open the door by the green-circled trigger and not touch the red-boxed one.

But before, it's only natural that the player tries to open the chest (yellow-circled trigger). I'll be locked and require another key.

And them there would be some supernatural events, to try to scare the player.

•As soon as the player goes through the red -box trigger after he opened the door, the red-circled light would turn on, and the red-circled sound would play (which is similar to this one: )

After that, of course the player would investigate that place with the mysterious red light. The yellow-squared trigger would make the flashlight turn off for a second and then turn back on
The black-squared trigger would turn the red-circled light off, and turn the blue-circled light on, and on the same spot of the blue-circled light is the key to the chest.

The player would grab the key, and as soon as he used it to open the chest, his flashlight would just go crazy, oscillating a lot, until it finally turns off completely and you're in just a pitch black room.
Then you would "teleport" to those three locations mentioned in Chapter one, and game over.
That's it for this chapter; I hope you find it interesting.

For the next one, I'll go through all this again, but inside Kismet.

I don't know if I'll be making a 5th part, but if I do, it'll be about graphics and aesthetics.

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