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Alright, so, a few months back, I made a little horror game that never saw the light of day -until now! - .

Well, first of all, I’ll explain why the game was never released.

It was very short, an average playthrough would be 3~4 minutes. And because it is UDK, the download would be quite big, so, I think anyone would download a big file for a 3 minute game.

And Slender was released, and it’s much scarier, so it was just bad timing for me.

In my opinion it was worth every second of its development, because I learned a lot about Kismet and scripting in general. And today I thought it would be fun to make a blog post about it with some info, and an overall look at the short project.

Ok, let’s get to business.

It’s a game based on the SCP universe, if you don’t know what the SCP universe, is, I strongly recommend you go to their website and read as many of its stories as you can.

The story I based my game on is SCP-____-J. Yes, I decided to make it with a joke SCP, because I figured the author wouldn’t be too mad if the game failed. Also, the SCP is short, because I wanted to make a short game (around 10~15 minutes, not 3~4).

Alright, so my objective with this post is to give everyone a little behind the scenes view of my workflow. From the early stages of development, to the final game.

First thing in every project, is the basic idea, a script and some concept art.

The basic idea I got directly from the SCP, the script, well… I never wrote one ( lol ). The closest I got to a script is the message I sent to the creator of the story explaining my game, but it’s just because I already had a pretty solid idea in my mind and it was very short.

Always make a script.

As for concept art, the game would have a few locations, three of them the player would see only for a couple of seconds, and the main one (an office) would be where the player would spend most of the time. So, I made a little blueprint for it, which you can see below:


And below you can see a screenshot inside UDK of the finished building:


As you can see I made a little adjustment during development. Nothing big, just changed the rooms to cubicles.

I think that’s it for the first part, just a little introduction, but expect more in the coming days =D

EDIT: Something I forgot, I'd like to note that that concept is HORRIBLE. It's just for a technical point of view. It's not meant to be pretty. I encourage every amateur game developers to make one of those before going into UDK, Unity or whatever you're using. It saves SOOO much time. It's unbelievable

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