"When you begin developing a mod you should start small. Don't plan to write a Total Conversion (TC) from the very start. If you set goals that are too hard to reach, you'll get frustrated in the process of working towards them; and you may never be able to bring the vision to life. Everyone has ideas. Everybody thinks they have a revolutionary new game concept that no one else has ever thought of. You have to be able to implement your ideas or provide some useful skill. If you become a skilled or notable mod author, you will find people propositioning you to implement their ideas. Never join a project whose idea man or leader has no obvious development skills. Never join a project that only has a web designer. You have your own ideas. Remember that developing a mod doesn't mean much if you never release it."

Report RSS Where's Waldo? He's always been Dead.

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What? You never knew the whole story behind finding Waldo? Sure! "Where's Waldo?" was about a fictional character named Waldo, who had been murdered!

As the reader you played the part of someone who cared and wanted to find Waldo so badly that when peering into crowds you only think you see Waldo as much is the case when someone you care about mysteriously goes missing, you start to see them everywhere you go.

This is how the books are played out, selling them as a children's book is easiest way to not explain ridiculous happenings, why else would you find the guy in such a variety places? They're usually summer vacation hotspots, which further proves my point that you are playing a person who cared a lot for Waldo even when you tried to take summer vacations to put your mind at ease you could do nothing more than see Waldo everywhere you went which is common for people trying to come to grips with someone no longer coming back.

Waldo is dead.


Way to ruin my childhood Lucifer...

Way. To. Go.


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Lucífer Author

I like the photoshopped image.

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