"When you begin developing a mod you should start small. Don't plan to write a Total Conversion (TC) from the very start. If you set goals that are too hard to reach, you'll get frustrated in the process of working towards them; and you may never be able to bring the vision to life. Everyone has ideas. Everybody thinks they have a revolutionary new game concept that no one else has ever thought of. You have to be able to implement your ideas or provide some useful skill. If you become a skilled or notable mod author, you will find people propositioning you to implement their ideas. Never join a project whose idea man or leader has no obvious development skills. Never join a project that only has a web designer. You have your own ideas. Remember that developing a mod doesn't mean much if you never release it."

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The server has been up for a while and we've had a pleasant amount of players, some becoming regulars, funfunfun!

Name: Official DayZ Origins #GX Lighthooze Survival #1
3rd person : ON
Crosshair : ON
Nameplates : OFF
Difficulty : Regular

Side chat : ON

Scheduled Restarts: Every 16 Hours
Scheduled Backups: Every 2 Hours

Lighthooze Survival Forum:

We've no problem with people speaking their own choice of language on the server either, as always its preferred that the SideChat isn't flooded with irrelevant discussion.

Know who you're dealing with, this is DayZOrigins, you are prone to death.

We also own a Teamspeak 3 Server, 20 slots, no password.
IP: ts3.gtxgaming.co.uk
Port: 1007

What's so different about this server?
All the servers are exactly the same.

You haven't mentioned some things other servers have mentioned in their threads! Why?
If you have to mention it i.e. "Active Admins" then something must be wrong or has been wrong in the past regarding that particular bit of unnecessary information.

What about the people on your server?
I don't know them personally but they're friendly enough but we do have our fair share of rogues nonetheless.

Why should I favour this server over the other hundreds of other DayZOrigins servers?
You don't have to, hop on, hop off, have fun or get upset. However, there's a lot of serious business regarding a lot of servers which is astonishing considering its 'just a game', our server is more 'non-serious' so you could take that into consideration, the happy thought that someone won't shout at you because you're not "Playing the way its meant to be played", we won't stop you from making your own fun. (Unless its douche-fun)

What the heck is 'douche-fun'?

'Douche-fun' is when a player camps another players cross/gear and/or camps a spawn location for the sake of "having a laugh" at another players enjoyment, that is what I mean when I say "douche-fun".

"Lighthooze Survival"?
'Lighthouse' was taken by a lot of other places, 'Lighthooze' is whatever you make of it.


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