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Welcome to Britain, a sign should say as the boat pulls in to the port of Grantebryege in East Anglia, it is cold and wet, typical British Weather. I am playing as Daslight Elemant a Tall Saxon who was born in a lesser noble family, his father was a man who could call all of 50 troops to his banner in his times of need, being a young burden our lad Daslight was shipped off to learn the fighting skills of a household solider. That he did and very quickly became a household troop in his own Father's hall. One night however after sleeping with the local tavern wench behind the stables Daslight heard the screams and shout of murdering violence, putting his one night lover to one side he rushed round to she his family killed and murdered. On the floor lies a a sword from the land of Britain ... Daslight vows to find this killer and that mean's Heading to Britain on the next ship out of Germany. 'Woden guide me' he says as he leaves the port. (Religion will play a huge part in this mod and our lad Daslight is a follower of the Old Germanic Gods)

Coming into the Town of Grantebryege in the late evening Daslight heads straight for an inn and gets his head down, the next morning he sets out bright and early to find his way around the town. Then he hears it, the unsheathing of a sword, Daslight gets out his Javelins and prepares to throw, round the corner runs a screaming bandit,Flinging one Javelin into his shoulder the bandit carries on coming Daslight draws out his seax and kills this bandit. The first of many. A merchant soon follows and tell Daslight to pack up his things and get out of here Daslight refuses and promises to help clear the area of cretins and the like. The merchant just laughs and gives some silver and tells him one piece of advice. Strength in Numbers my Lad.

Very soon Daslight sets off and puts the silver to good use collecting together a band of villagers too bored with farming to carry on, all together we are a company of 12, 3 Saxons, 3 Angles, 5 Frisens and Daslight. After travelling for a few hours bandits come charging out of a group of trees. This is the first test for this small band of men. The Bandits get closer Daslight throws a Javelin, it misses all 10 of the bandits, He flings another, and another miss. He flings one more weary of the speed the bandits are approaching, a hit but only in the shoulder of the nearest murderer, he throws his last and catches the bandit in the heart causing him to go down screaming like a pig. By now all the Bandits are upon the men and the fight really beginnings, but just as quick as it start it is over screams of joy are all around, Daslight looks up worried he is the only one left, but he sees that the bandits are either all dead or are unconscious, and none of the farmers are dead! Victory! With the spoils of battle Daslight and his band of merry men are off to the nearest Town Lundenwic, soon with gold and silver from the weapons and armour and the selling of the bandits to a slaver, drinks are pouring and the men are loving the whores all paid by Daslight himself. A rough night for them all.

Upon waking in the morning the men most wit stinking headaches and unsettled stomachs head out again, but they very quickly come across trouble, in the River they see a ship, and soon a crew of angry Dena Pirates armed in mail with large shields, swords and clubs come storming out, Daslight charges hoping to put on a brave face for his men but he is soon swamped and feels a blow to the back of his head. His world goes black ...

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