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So I am back with a blog post its been a while but nevermind eh, so long as it is here right?

Anyway I am here to talk again about another gaming issue and view, the issue of Pre-Owned games.

A few years ago you could walk into your local Game Shop or Gamestation,(I am UK blogger so inset regional shop), and trade in several games for new games, no matter if they PC games, console or Anything in between, of which there is nothing. Then the Game Shop would catalouge it and put on the shelves and sell it.

This was the norm across the world (pretty Much) and then Steam appeared ... And everything changed, for the better or for the worse? Well in my opinion it was for the better, many will disagree and that's fine, but it went by with little fuss and bother, Steam and Valve made money off selling games to everyone at cut prices, who hasn't been tempted by 75% off a blockbuster. the thing is with Steam is the Game companies love them, it means we can't sell our games away to others and therefore they don't lose money for other people getting the game pre-owned.

Then Earlier this year Xbox and Mircosoft annonuced that you wouldn't be able to play pre-owned games on the Xbox One, and well the whole world went crazy, but why? Some pretentious and stuck-up PC gamers, the ones who call us PC gamers a Master Race, yeah those ones, would argue that the console gamers are either poor and can't afford the games which is rubbish or their brains aren't developed enough to comprend the fact that this helps the game companies. Again Rubbish.

However I don't see why people got so angry about it, yes I can understand in the trade ins you can get a discount and then you can let your mate borrow your game, but I think that the whole idea of linking games to accounts is a good idea, with Steam you can play your games on your account wherever Steam is installed on a PC, and why could this not be the same on the Xbox One, and I can understand the whole idea of lending games, and i agree it could be great if there was a system of lending games to other account for maybe a week or weekend etc, but we will have to see what can happen.

What do you think about Pre-Owned games? Have your say in the Comments below, and of course check out the Youtube - www.youtube.com/LowesyPC



STeam way is fair enough because they usually have cheaper offfers than consoles. Seeing that consoles´ games are usually 10 euros more expensive than their PC counterpart is odd. So at some point you are right!

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