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Well this one might cause some reaction.

I am back with my blog and this time i am talking the joys and joys of Multiplayer, and as is the norm on my blog lets cast our minds back, remeber when games were big becuase their stories were great and multiplayer was seen as spilt screen as the internet was still only a babby, well how nice were those days, I personally think they were some good days for games and actually the best ever days for family gaming.

Today the multiplayer scene is completely different, it is a global thing for the masses, which is great, but there are some major consequences, only a year or two ago I worried for the single player game, CoD was the biggest selling game on the market every year and the stories were slipping further and further away into oblivion, and they seemed only focused on the Multiplayer too, the story could be finished in a few hours and then it was all about the multiplayer, now i have picked up a Call of Duty game since the first Black Ops, and well i haven't looked back, I never played Modern Warfare 2 and the lst game in that series that had a good storyline was World at War. Good Riddance in my opinion that game franchise is dead.

But multiplayer has taken a different route yet again it is no longer the old Single player and Mutliplayer games there is just the multiplayer games the F2P, has taken the market by storm, as i write this I have an advert for Star Wars The Old Republic, but although there is masses of these games out there not one F2P game that is a mmorpg has really settled down as a market leader the MMORPG leader is still WoW or at least Guild Wars 2, today we play the MOBA games such as Dota and League of Legends these games are fully multiplayer and they are good for wasting a few hours, but these are not my games, but what i alike about them more than games like CoD is that they are wholly multiplayer and therefore time and effort is solely on that, most games that create a SP and a MP game type in their game end up spending more time concentrating on their MP and ignore their SP.

Some games however do break the norm such as Mount and Blade Warband but waht to you thing do you thing that Multiplayer should either be a single game or do you think Multiplayer is more important that the Single player game?

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