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So this is my first Blog entry and its on something pretty big. Particularly on this website being that it is called Mod DB. Mods.

Some Mods are total and utter garbage, really some of them are useless, and I know people have put time and effort into these but seriously trying to turn Skyrim into a Porno, why? Just Why? I mean I can understand if you can't get laid and this is your sole way of getting any sex then fine make your little mods that introduce a female character pleasuring yourself for her pleasure, on your own game thank you.

Now I'm not against sex in Games, as it adds a sense of Realism to the game, i mean sex seems to be the most taboo subjects in games but the Sims has always somehow been letting the gamer act out some sexual fantasies.

Anyway that is besides the point. Modding is a great thing. And people who disargee with that, I have two questions for you;
1. Why are you on a modding website?
2. Are you a fool?
The reason I say this is because mods help keep games fresh and alive and moving forward long after the game's developers are moving to their next product and are neglecting their old products. My clear example would be Mount and Blade Warband. Great to start with, I love strategy games and RPG's and its way of combining both with an Army building mechanic, my mind was blown when I first saw it. But its not that great a game. It has great mechanics and it was a new idea with the idea of army building and a world that works with or without you, but its graphics are poor and some of the gameplay can get repetitive after a while, but mods like PW and Floris Mod have opened new doors and have kept the game fresh, and there are many other mods been created for Warband as I write this.

But Mods can have problems, and unfortunately game makers might dislike mods that are made for their games. One of Which is Total War, as much as I love the series, Darthmods have made those games the aboslute best they can be, however Creative Assembly in all their wisdom have told Dartis, the mod creator to stop, and he will no longer make any Darthmods For Rome 2 or any other new Total War game. Which is a pity, game makers should look after their games and not neglect their customers but when you have a mod which creates fans for the mod, so who go buy the game for the mod. They shouldn't kill off that, Dartis is only making things better for Everyone.

Thank you guys for reading this check back for regular news and gaming views.



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