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Two blogs in two days, wow you guys should feel privileged. Anyway I'm here today to talk about Early Access Games.

So as normal, we start with a bit of nostalgia, a few years ago gaming magazines used to contain Demo Discs, these discs used to contain about 5 playable demos of about 15 mins sometimes even longer and the rest of the disc was trailers. This was the way to get your games out to the public before the days of mass social media.

Then the gaming industry saw a shift in the way it works, some game companies released beta tests for the public, something that used to be a job for people, since then Beta Testing took off. Companies now let you apply for betas and then if they like your application then you are sent a download and part of the game to play again not the full game but a fair chunk of it.

But last year Steam, yes I'm talking about Steam again, introduced early access gaming. Where you could buy the game for a price and you can play it immediately and when the full game is released you don't have to pay for it. However there was a catch, the game obviously wasn't complete and if the game company ran out of money the game might get scrapped, but that's the risk in Gaming. But what I don't get is that some games today on Steam Early Access cost £14.99 to play and contribute to the game creation, the biggest perk of the early access program whereas other are £64.99, so what am I getting for that price, I'd expect a shit tonne of goodies.

But should all games have the Early Access option, some games come out and are truly awful and unplayable due to bugs or bad optimisation, so surely giving gamers a chance to play would help the company or are we too demanding and we should leave Testing to the few.

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