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Well, I suppose for once there's SOME news to report: MisfitTech Studios is moving from "" to "" [yes, for those who actually keep up with my gaming modification "Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress", that's the same server/host that was and still-is on, just now in a different spot/subfolder] now is a redirect to the NR subfolder on the MisfitTech site. The proper link for the main site is now

Long story short, I found out about a month back that my facebook page for MisfitTech and facebook in general doesn't like linking to sites [which is part of], and looking more into it, I discovered there were reports of scams involving their affliate program [which I never used so I wouldn't have known a thing until I looked], and the risk of them being shut down by the authories also put MisfitTech at risk of being shut off by proxy [although I doubt I'd be in trouble legally, I'd just lose the site along with anyone else on there who has one], so I had to move sites. TerminX and plagman, who are also the main project-leaders of EDuke32 [NR's source port, for Duke Nukem 3D], actually suggested I try to move the entire Studio to, so I asked for a name change and some other fixes, and this is the result. >.>

So kudos to TerminX and plagman for being nice [and free still to boot XD].


Been checking your mod out and I think it's way fun! Everything that's been added makes DN3D have great replay value all the sudden. And I can see you've worked on this a lot.

Why is the feedback/bug forum closed?

In case you're interested I could give you some suggestions for improvements.

1 I think there should be auto-pausing at level start in case there's an autosave coming, cause otherwise any monsters in the vicinity get a free shot on you while you're unable to control Duke.

2 Weps 4 and (devastator) are way similar and the 4 gun feels just like a more powerful version of the latter. Maybe too powerful? Wep 5 has almost zero splash effect, which I'm guessing is intentional. If it were possible to give it some kind of splash damage it would feel more realistic.

3 The introduction/tutorial notes didn't trigger right, or maybe I just missed how to use them. The first one popped up halfway through the first map and that's the last one I ever saw.

4 Buy/sell menu is a little clumsy maybe. Would it be possible to implement a "sell all of" function, cause probably you want to sell all the jewellery at once.

Like I said I found the mod too much fun to even list everything that it has in its favour. The new stuff demands a whole new keyboard configuration as well!

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