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First off all i want to clear few thinghs out. Yes i did play F.E.A.R. 1 and 2 and as first installment was very good (catching and scary story, interesting mechanics, good graphics) second was extremely medicore (repetitive, not so scary, graphics barely touched).

But F.3.A.R is a whole other and the very same story at the same time with some top notch movies thanks to help of Jhon Carpenter (The Thing still rocks!!!). Mixing horror and action parts perfectly, adding achievment system that has meaning - i got fed off searching health and reflex boosters, and totally sweet and awesome cover system.

But it also isn't perfect. It has the same problems that other F.E.A.R. games had. And those are: extremely linear gampeplay, rare but noticible stutters (most noticible after save/loads).

Story [5/5]:

You once again take role of Point Man. Haunted by your brothers ghost you continiue your struggle against Armacham, Combines and Alma's (but are those realy Hers doings) psychic etenieties on a quest to find mother and put and end to this nightmare. Also games ending (after credits) implies another F.E.A.R. may be made.


No matter which you hear sounds or music theyre all at least good.
As for voices i got a feeling they didn't put much effort into them. Enemies sound like "Oh, its him, lets sorund him and eliminate him... yawn... and then have some tea."

Graphic [4/5]:

They are better but also could've be even better. At many places you get scared more by blurry textures than the game itslef.

Gameplay [5/5:

Theres slow-mo (as in every other F.E.A.R.), cover system (whole lotta better than this form F.E.A.R.2), and new achievment system that has a meaning -no more you have beaten a level achievments - for achievments you get rank up's which effect with increased slow-mo, health, number of ammo you can carry and so on.

Overall [4.5/5]:

F.3.A.R. is the most complete installment of the series it perfectly balances horror and action parts of the gameplay, lets you level up your character in natural uniterruptible way, and on other hand can give you few iritaiting sutters, and shitty textures but overall its still a pretty good game to play.

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