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I've been bored with the zombie genre for a while now, maybe due to overexposure or maybe because of how deranged the whole thing has become with them running zombies and endless bullet streams.
So, I decided to play the original Resident Evil.


I've got the Gamecube remake, Im playing it using an awesome emulator called Dolphin which works very well.
First of all, I've gotta admit it Capcom, you make some pretty games; this was released in 2002 and 8 years later it holds up REALLY well. The acting sucks, up to the point of being hilarious, but I guess there's no surprise there.

The game is puzzle oriented, more that I remembered -up to the point of being silly at times-, but puzzles still manage to be fun and keep you under the illusion that you are trying to both survive and solve a mistery.

What surprised me the most though, is the difficulty and pace, which are simply fantastic.
The game is very hard, and it's probably the only survival-horrol game to live up to it's name.
I've spent a large portion of the game with (Im not kidding) 2 bullets, that's it. There's practically no ammo, some enemies can take up to 11 shots to go down and when you find some it's the most happy event in your life. It gets to the point where I used a key item to get 6 shotgun shells, that's fucking hardcore.

Im still very much in the beggining of the game -mostly because modeling rocks is surprisingly fun- but Im amazed with the experience so far (sometimes it's great to forget about some games).
Dodging zombies, avoiding combat, these are things that became alien to me with time, and it's nice to have them back.

Even saves are limited, so you cant just spam the quick save key every time. At one point I ran out of Ink Ribbons (used for saving the game), each enemy encounter from then onto when I found some became terrifying.
You die, and you are fucked. you waste a single bullet, and you are dead. Happy times.

To make things worst, this remake introduced "Crimson heads". You see, killing a zombie is not enough, you have to burn it's body. Otherwise they randomly come back to life as a Crimson Head, a pissed-off zombie that runs, slashes AND throws up acid vomit on you (yes, both at the same time).
Did I mention that in order to burn the bodies you need an item that: 1-it's extremely rare and 2-takes 1 of the misserable 6 inventory slots you have.

Ahhh yes, the inventory; 6 slots, weapons and ammo use different slots, so do individual keys; isnt life pretty?


I love this game.

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