Hello, my name is Alejandro Gorgal (everybody calls me Alex or Linfo though); Im the character modeler and animator of "Depth", making divers so you can tear them apart.

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Work on Depth has been very intense for the last few months. We are now having playtests every day, which is incredibly useful since you can pick a lot of weird things and then work on them to fix them. It's been very useful for me since I was able to improve the animations a lot to a point where they look good but dont get in the way of gameplay.
There's also been a lot of tweaking and experimentation with different concepts.
The result is that the game's finally starting to feel really polished and balanced (something really hard to achieve in such an assimetrical multiplayer game).

It's great to be part of such a great project, and now that my apparent chronic depressive breakdown of the week is over Im also back to work! (lol).

Alex (our project leader) posted some nice info about what the game's about in our forums here:

It's a good read if you are interested in knowing more about the game.

Finally, for a while now I've been thinking about making a series of video tutorials about character modeling and animation from Blender to UDK. Is anyone insterested in such a thing? Let me know.

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