I'm a rapper from Denmark, Odense. Born the 18 December 1994. About me: Music has always been a big part of my life, i have growed up in two different houses. At my grandfather and grandmom, and my dad. I lost my mom when i was 9 months old, i have growed up in many different social classes so my freinds come from rich neighborhoods to ghetto's. I really hope i will get big and tour around the world to share my music with my fans and other people. About my music: I started with making trance/techno when i was smaller, i started with "Dance Ejay" and since that time i have always had a big interest in making my own music. When i grew older i began to make my own lyrics to rap songs and rap to beats on youtube and so on, but i didn't have the right mic to publish them. So i met my freinds Riyad and Kawwa also known as 2i1. And they gave me a whole studio to record in, since that time i have been busy with making my music and concentrating on getting my music out on the streets

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