Born and raised in Michigan (near Ann Arbor), schooled at BYU in Utah (Mormon), reside now in New England (Mass) with wonderful wife Milly and our three cats. Milly is pregnant so we are expecting in June! I've been a Thief fan since 1998, hosting missions at and, writing tutorials, hosting contests, and more. Now I focus on The Dark Mod, in my mind the future of fantasy stealth fan missions!

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Being a beta-mapper for The Dark Mod:

I have been working on The Dark Mod as a beta-mapper for the past couple years, testing and making various stuff, both whatever I want and also specific requests from the mod programmers. It's been great.

Lately the mod has matured into something much closer to how it will be when fully released (probably next summer or so), so we mappers have been able to get more serious about our missions.

Now with the public release of "The Tears of Saint Lucia", anyone can download that map and Dark Radiant (the Dark Mod editor) and try their hand at making their own maps. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to try this - the editor is very powerful and intuitive, allowing you to quickly flesh out what you have in mind, and with easy-to-use patches you can even create a lot of architectural detail without having to open up an advanced modeling program.

If you've ever been a fan of the Thief games, now is the perfect time to get started with The Dark Mod and Dark Radiant!

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