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Report RSS Question Who is Legion You non Players of mass effect maybe asking

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OK legion is this guy

Isn't he just to coolest little robot thing you have ever seen

Hes way cooler then my other favorite robot which was on timesplitters
and he was this guy

he looks cool as well and he was fucken funny at the end when you think hes dead he says "i only wanted to be loved" which made me LOL all the time

and hes a geth if you don't know mass effect geth are these well not evil just miss lead robots that were working for the reapers on the first one, the reapers i these super robots that come along and kill all live in the well were we live you know that place starting with U
So any way on the third one you find out there is a group of geth that don't think the reapers are gods and on a mission you and chose to kill of the geth that think they reapers are gods of just to reprogram them (i all was pick to reprogram then xD poor little lost gethy you don't wanna kill that whole group thats mean)

Ok heres a picture of a reaper guess what reaper dis one is

its the crabby looking thing thats the reaper ok (Admiral-165 can not take part in this)

and this is some geth xD

cool rite (they got a light bulb for a eye xD)

Ok and heres Tali cos Admiral-165 is in love with here lol (joke its a joke i don't think he in love with her lol key thing JOKE ok remeber Admiral-165 its a Joke one more time now JOKE)


hmmmm no i don't love her... i jus like her :D she reminds me of a girl i like in real life tho... thats why i like her so much :D.

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1. legion fails.
2. tali fails.

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Easy... thats Soveriegn
and i dont see how people think Tali is hot....

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i already said why in my comment... although i can't explain why everyone else finds her attractive.

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