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Further Samples of my Writing

Short Stories


He held his trusty thumb bible at the ready in his right hand, wielding the enchanted japanese mirror of revelation in his left. If there was a demon about, he would surely see its ugly face in the glass reflection, and banish it with his trusty micro-bible. Across his belt, the welsh love spoon swung, a souvenir from his most recent exploration around a welsh castle, and secured to its right hung the elegantly carved and crafted canadian box, with its sacred raven droppings inside he was almost certainly ready to face anything.

As he made he was towards the doorway he hummed the Ghostbusters tune, it was used by XR-US as their theme, he could hear the yellow pages words ringing in his head as he walked.

"Who you gonna call...me, that's who." He grinned, making his way to the door and opening it. He was met by a bearded middle aged man, whose eyes flitted to and fro and held a reddish tinge to
them, his face twisted into a maniacal grin as he held the crimson coated
letter opener in one hand, a children's handkerchief in the other.

"Good evening...XR-US, I presume?" His voice was cracked, harsh and wheezy, as if he had been exorcising.

The black clad priest turned exorcist nodded solemnly, reached for the sacred droppings with his left hand, flipped open the bible with his right finger, and prepared to repel the evil one.

Granny Cope

"Now then little ones, you can play around the house but whatever you do, don't go into that door"

Ms. Cope pointed at a fairly large green door with her wrinkled hand. The door itself was dented in several places, and rusted letters pronounced it the entrance to the basement. A heavy iron lock
suggested hidden treasure, at least, to a child's eyes.

"Yes Granny" The two children chorused together, in that sweet melodic tone all little children use when they are preparing to do something they know is wrong.

The night was cold and dark, and streetlamps flickered outside Ms. Cope's home as the wind rustled the leaves and branches of every tree. Ms Cope, affectionately called Grandma by the
village's inhabitants, had always been the professional babysitter of Westwood
as far as anyone could remember. Even the most unruly of children seemed to
mature quickly under her care, she was, and they all agreed, a most delightful
and charming old woman, despite her insistence in wearing old fashioned Victorian-like

Just one of her bright, cheery smiles quietened the screaming of any babe in the village, and her helpful, honest attitude rubbed off onto the children in her care. Yes, she was most certainly
the shining gem of Westwood village, a treasure that most of them had cherished
throughout childhood and would continue to hold throughout their lives.

Of course, all good things come with a price, James and his little sister Joanne were about to find out just how high that price was.

James winked at Joanne as Grandma Cope left the house to get some groceries. He heard the slam and clicks of the lock and waited, just to be sure. When she did not reappear, James made his way past the kitchen and straight towards the metal door. His sister, Joanne, followed closely behind, glancing around her and shivering.

"James, I don't like it. We shouldn't be doing this." Whispered Joanne into his ear.

James just smiled mischievously and grabbed one of the keys from the sideboard."Don't worry sis, i have got it all under control. We'll just take a peek, that's all. It can't hurt, and besides, you saw how Davis has changed, he's no fun anymore, all he wants to do is read and
do....homework." James shuddered.

"He changed after his mom had him stay over here. There must be something she's doing, maybe its drugs or some sort of mind control machine." James quivered with excitement as he began to turn the key inthe metal lock, the lock clicked open and the metal door screeched as it swung
inwards, announcing James's victory.

"See? Nothing to it, Come on!" James disappeared into the darkness below,
followed quickly be his sister.

It was hard to see anything in the dark, figures and shapes loomed throughout the basement, yet there was a distinct white glow at the other end of the room. James quickly hurried over, and stared
in fascination.

There was an opening in the wall, and through it James could see what appeared to be a huge cavern, with rows upon rows of bookshelves. Upon each shelf he could make out labels, numbers, and
glass jars. In the jars hovered a white, glittering teardrop, silvery blue droplets of light trickling down each one and disappearing as they hit the glass, causing a multitude of white, silver flashes every few seconds as the jars light up their surrounding shelves.

"...it's so pretty..." Joanne gasped, having reached the opening with James."What is it?" James frowned, then he shuddered, and some inner instinct made him freeze, his body went rigid and tense, his muscles strained against some unseen force as he slowly turned
around to face what he knew awaited him.

There, in the gentle wavering light of a candle, stood Grandma Cope. Her ruffled dress swished in the darkness as she lifted the candle and her features illuminated, her mouth twisting into a
sinister smile, her deep blue eyes glittering darkly. Joanne froze in horror,
and James clutched her tightly in the darkness.

"Oh dear, you have been very naughty haven't you?" Grandma Cope lifted her large oval glasses to stare at them with glistening blue eyes.

"Well now, we'll soon solve that..."

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