I'm a Programming Teacher. I've played games my whole life. I like supporting games that are multiplattform. I'm trying to become a Indie Game Developer. I love the old SNES RPG's and pixel art so my game is going to be a Secret of Mana 2 like game :)

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So I've spent alot of time trying to animate the real character and not borrow graphics from older games (just for testing).
I'm really proud of the result of the punch-left-animation. But I'm having problems with animating the down-direction and up-direction, left and right is easier.

I've started working on abstract stage events. I'll see how i can make it good for every stage.
And it lead me to making dialogs. So now I'm working on that.
The graphics for dialogs is easy but pausing everything else is harder. All this leads to some refactoring. Thats good, because its easier to refractor everything early. I won't start to make the real stages and events before I'm satisfied with the basic stuff, especially the combat, which will be the main thing about the game.

My problem is I'm not fully sure of how I want the combat to be...
I can code it if I knew how I would want it...
Some blend of Secret of Mana 2, devil may cry, etc...I think. Skills and stats should be important in combat.
This is a game for gamers, It should be fun.

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