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So i decided to write some useless crap here for some one curious to see. I thought of posting pics of my old projects if come by some.

Random sheit: I'm missing a bio, moddb keeps reminding of it, so here's some.
My best maps are all gone and no pics have survived either. I started making maps for hl, cs and dod when I was really young. I always liked Hl and even till this day I truly think it's the best game ever made, it just doesn't age like many other old games, the mechanics, athmosphere, everything about it is just great. Back to the story.. The Finnish PcGamer (yeah there used to be gaming magazines, lots of them) had a five part How To manual for basics for Valve Hammer Editor. I picked it up quite quickly and started to learn by trial and error quite fast.

One of my first maps was a matrix themed cs map which turned out quite nice. Then I made a dust like map which, at least to me, looked visually excactly like the dust maps in Counter-Strike. (The maps are quite minimalistic in detail and have a pretty simple texturing all around.) Then I made an awesome dod map which me and my friend(s) played on lan (because of 56k modem age) with extremely well cheating dod bots made by some masochist, i presume. It looked inferrior but the mechanics of the map even when it was just 50% done were extremely funny. It was inspired by the bridge scene in Saving Private Ryan, of course. I made some sp maps tried doing a space station etc but I always got bored and filled them with enemies and just played them for fun. Oh and almost forgot to say my HD decided to kill it self and I was left with nothing. Otherwise I would have used these maps probably as the basis for later CSS projects.

Working on SGC the map in the Source Windows XP age:

Never got further than the basic layout. The map was/is quite big though and quite true to the tv series. Based on a pic of the layout of the "level 28" visible in some episodes on their screens. Although quite accurate it seemed like some of the rooms were in strange impossible places, the magic of tv. Needed custom props for my vision. Skills insufficient.

Uploaded with

Then Hl2 came. I was in 8th or 9th grade, not sure how that translates to other countries but lets say junior highschool. Continued my hobby with the source sdk. Made some maps, as school got more difficult, year by year, my time with the hobby was diminishing. And since I started drinking/partying (which is very important in Finnish culture) as I was 17 or so i had virtually no time at all between studies and freetime. And sadly my hobby has almost died since I'm studying now at a Technical University. Shit happens. I've tried to utilize my hollidays for some projects that never go that far since the vacations aren't long enough. Usually I forget my project or find something more intresting before the next vacation. Maybe in the future I'll have the money (= time) to continue my fun yet time consuming hobby.

Latest project. From the last christmas vacation. Tried If I could make a Star Wars style map. a Test_Bespin. Very early but havn't had time this year to continue.

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Thx, bye.

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